I will never look down on anyone unless I am helping them up!!! You never know maybe all that person needed was one act of kindness to help them along. You never know their story even if they are holding a bottle in their hand. Homeless people are still people with feelings.
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So true InLoveWithTheSun, so true! Well written!

Thank you babe :) I am glad you agree

Where is the love? No comment on MY story that I wrote?! I see how it is, it's ALL about you InLoveWithTheSun, I got ya pimpette/playette! And DON'T say you didn't see my latest story either! :)~ LOL!

Hahahaha I swear I didn't see your story yet and had no idea you wrote one until just now I was busy reading all my notifications. I will read it now :)

beautiful. well said.

Thank you :)