Sometimes Too Much

thats why group therapy wasnt really good for me because i tend to take on others problems ... and i try to be perfect alot ... and i know its not attainable .. but i do try to ...
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3 Responses Jun 19, 2007

Are you sure you're not me in disguise?

I understand what you mean, I hate talking to my good friends about my problems sometimes because I feel like I need to be strong so they can bring their issues to me.

ROF about the group therapy! It IS easy to take on someone else's problems by heart. I run into that at my job at times. I'm trying to learn to seperate myself from their issues. But balancing it out is harder than I thought! You don't want to come out looking like a cold-hearted b****! lol. I try to be sympathetic, but realize they have to be the solution to their own problems, as I have to go home and solve my OWN! The only thing harder, is when you genuinely care about their probs., but they are so wrapped up in their drama, they really don't give a wit about yours!