The Horrors of Public Transit

My city is supposed to be one of the most busy cities in the US. Yet the public transit system is really inefficient. It's so frustrating when you are trying to change your lifestyle to fit with how our natural resources shouldnt be abused... and it bites in the behind.
Where do all the income from our parking violations go? How can we change our lifestyle when the government is not facilitating these needs?
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3 Responses Jul 3, 2007

Thats true, it simply is not practical in the US to travel this way. And yes we should not give up.<br />
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I wish the state or city or even federal funds could subsidize the cost of mass transit. It breaks my heart to see traffic jams because it is poisoning the earth. Where are the real leaders?

I agree. The secret is not to give up, but to use it when you can, like on the weekends when you are not in such a hurry. Bring a book!<br />
If enough people use it and enough people care, it will get better.

I agree.<br />
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My mother would love to go to work by transit, but it just isn't reliable enough. It takes like almost 2 hours to get to her work by transit, and if she misses a certain bus that's another 30 minutes to wait. Plus many times there are problems... and it's pretty expensive too. It just isn't practical. Not everybody can waste those 4 hours a day.