Story Of My Life

Women who just care about what I can give them. So called friends who just care about what I can do for them. Electrical company's that use me to get them out of a pinch and then lay me off but keep nonproductive sloppy electricians. I'm very frustrated. Its depressing. I wish I could get myself out of this but I don't know how. I'm not normally depressed but this **** sucks.
timbo358 timbo358
51-55, M
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

World, virtual or real has a common factor. What can you contribute ? Actually, that is not so bad, unless they start avoiding you..hmmm like..they go offline, after a message send my me :( so, for men its some of the women and vice versa. But, as a group ..yes we are all same and suffering too..makes us feel depressed...and we want to change but doesn't know is not in our hands to get from others ..rather on them..but..but..wait..we can do onething for sure..revenge!!!

Yes but to spend my time on revenge inflates their importance. I don't think they are worth my time

okay :)) my revenge is to...guess.."ignore"