I Am Surrounded By Haters

Before I landed up here, not EP but the country I am living..I didn't realize that the whole antion hates me, due to my origin.
The hatred is actually because what happened during a war. But, the ethenicity still remains fresh, as if this generation has suffered recently. I can not take away their painful memories.I can not do anything to change myself, because origin is by birth.
I am happy who I am, and those who hate me for my connections, it is their lookout. I have to face them daily, at work, on road and even where I reside. Whenever, there is a social gathering, I can feel those stares ...daggers..
I want to leave this place, but I can not. I have to be stationed here, my friend calls it destiny.
Surrounded by haters, is not easy but I have no choice. I know, it is not my fault but I have to be careful and manipulative at times.
I have learned their langauge, and know when they aresaying bad things about me :))
Sometimes, I smile because they don't know my secret..
I work professionally, never do I bring all this hatred things in my mind..poison is there..not here.
Whenever, I return to my country I feel so happy. I can be who I am and nobody hates me for that. Now, I understand, why my grandma told me to be near your roots..it gives you life and strength.Branches may spread out , fruits may come and go..leaves are shed each day, once you part..you die and thats how culture unites people.
Global feelings are workable solutions for maintaining a relationship, for society and technological advances but, the real fun or undertanding can only be from your own people.
Together we stand and divided we fall..is true after all.
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