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Hi, and thanks for spending a little time with me. I'd like to start out by telling you that I'm a retired aerospace engineer who, for the past five year's has been researching something that I find unbelievably intriguing yet true and verifiable. 

About twenty-five year's ago, two of the largest fortune fifty corporations in the world formed a joint venture. This was during the beginning of the HIV-AIDS awareness and also the beginning of the threat of bio terrorism. Their intent was to try and develop a product that would protect both animal and humans from disease.

These two corporations pooled there top research scientist's and medical professionals and started a spin-off company. This new company's sole responsibility was to research, develop and prove the effectiveness of this new product. It took them 20 year's and $50 million dollar's but they were successful.

What they discovered is amazing. While studying our immune system, they found out that animal and human immune systems work in exactly the same way though our natural immunity was specie specific. In short, a dog is immune to some disease's that humans aren't and vise verse. The same being true for cow's, horse's, chicken's, etc.

Doctors and scientists already knew that most disease in humans and animals were autoimmune conditions What's that mean? Do you know? Probably not, so here is a brief explanation. Our immune system is designed to do one thing and that is to protect self (our body) against non-self (viruses, parasites, bacteria and mutant cells (cancer). The way it's supposed to work is to identify invader's, mark them for destruction, destroy them and then go back to a calm state of readiness and wait for the next invasion. What happens, for any number of reasons, is our immune system gets unbalanced and becomes either over active or under active (suppressed). A suppressed immune system fails to either recognize viruses, bacteria, parasites and cancer cells as non-self or is to weak to fight off the invasion so we end up with either a cold, flu, bacterial infection, parasite invasion or cancer. Those of us with the other bad stuff such as: MS, type 1 diabetes, crones disease, arthritis, lupus, crones or any of the more than 80 auto-immune diseases have an over active immune system. Meaning that our own immune system is attacking our bodies. Bet you didn't know that! So be very careful about taking products that Boost your immune system. By doing so, you could be making things worse for yourself. Now what do you suppose would happen if we could all keep our immune systems balanced? If we could do that, we would all be much more healthy, happy and have more energy.

Well, that's exactly what this group of top research scientist and doctor's developed. A product that balances autoimmune function. It's now on the market and has been since 1998. It's manufactured in the U.S. and is currently being marketed in 35 countries. It's 100% natural yet totally unique. How unique? It has over 100 national and international patents. As you probably already know, before a product can get a patent, it must be shown to work and it must be unique. Unique means there cannot be anything else like or even similar to it. If there is, a product cannot get a patent. 

The effectiveness of this product has been verified time and time again via clinical and preclinical trials at some of the most prestigious medical institutions in the world including, Harvard Medical School, Beth Israel Hospital and the U.S. Army. Scientific teams have worked with the minister's of health in Kenya, Uganda and India studying the effectiveness of this product on people with HIV-AIDS and wasting disease. Those studies verified the health giving effectiveness of this product on the worlds sickest people.

I'd really like to tell you the name of this product but I'm afraid of violating one of the rules of this community.

If you'd like to know more, I'm sure we can figure out a way of getting you the information. In the mean time do a little research for yourself. It could change your life in a very positive manner. Use your favorite browser be it goggle, yahoo, aol and just type in: Arthritis Cause. Use whatever disease is affecting you. Then research several of the web sites it lists. Somewhere buried in the text, you will discover it's autoimmune related. Also research how your immune system really works. You should learn this anyhow as your immune system is the only thing that keeps you alive and aids in the healing process.

Most of all remember; no matter how bad you feel, never give up hope. 

I almost forgot this little tid bit. The Chief Science Officer of this company holds a duel Doctorate's in Microbiology and Immunology, has taught at both the Albert Einstein School of Medicine and Harvard Medical School. They only take the best of the best. Additionally, since the introduction of this product to the market place, this same individual has been listed in vertually every who's who in science and medicine and was selected International Scientist of the Year 2004 by Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK.  What do they know about this product that you don't?

This product has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, ESPN and Fox News.

I can tell you first hand, this product works. I'm not only a user, I'm a distributor. Additionally, this is not a lotion, potion, swamp scum, root, fruit, herb, chemical or crushed up coral but it is a 100% whole food product with no additives or fillers. 

Enough for now, my fingers are getting tired so I'm going to take a break.

I hope you enjoyed my story.

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..I realize this is a very old post and you've probably forgotten about EP, but I must say:<br />
"I'd really like to tell you the name of this product but I'm afraid of violating one of the rules of this community". I read that and my exact reaction was "you son of a *****!" What rules?:P (Profound, no?)<br />
<br />
Seriously though, I'm really glad you shared this. I think it just might help me get back to microbiology. Thank you!^_^

The comment above has to be a classic. Imagine, a high school bio teacher at Idiot High Schoo didn't mention the immune system.<br />
<br />
I can also tell why your high school didn't teach anything about space. They were teaching Air Head's full of empty space.

Lol, the little segment on over and under active immune system should have been a episode on the Magic school bus. Some accomplishment to be working as an aerospace engineer. I love space but at our school they never even went into the field of space. <br />
<br />
The never mentioned things like over and under active immune systems back in bio in high school.