I Am Disappointed At How Irresponsible Some People Are About The Environment.

Hello, I am new here and this is my first group to join. I did so because I care about the environment and I know of too many people who are unwilling to make any sacrifice to keep this beautiful planet healthy and able to sustain life. I guess I am more bothered about it than usual today because I have been reading about the bear attacks in Yellowstone and feel depressed because a lot of people who commented on the news story just want to kill the bears. What is this world coming to? I am feeling like more people care about getting the latest Iphone than they do about major deforestation, pollution, clean drinking water, food supply, etc. If just one person out of 4 could cut their waste (trash), water use, food waste, and consumption by half the world would be a much cleaner place and the air would be so much fresher. I am not a scientist or anything, this is just a personal feeling.

My father and I were talking about how recycling and healthier eating and food choices have changed our lives this past week. My family started recycling in the 90's, I was pivotal in helping them recycle because even though my parents received a recycling bin from the county not much was put into it until I started making an issue of it and rinsing and saving all the cans and bottles and newspapers myself for the bin. It's unbelievable what waste a family of four can create in a week. Now 20 years later my whole family is proud to say that the bin that was barely full in two weeks time now has to be dumped at the recycling center three times a week, in addition to extra paper bags filled with newspapers. Its not hard, I wish that 1 person in each household would stand up and say hey, let's do things another way. I am also proud to say I have cut myself off of bottled water, my family still has work to do on that, lol.

I am also disappointed in the environmental hypocrites. I work next door to a company that specializes in building and growing community vegetable gardens in less affluent neighborhoods. One evening after getting off work a little later than usual I saw a gentleman I have repeatedly seen working there and watering veggies come out of the building and wait on the sidewalk for his ride. He sat on the curb and drank his beer. When his ride pulled up...you guessed it, he left the glass beer bottle right there in the street. I have worked at my job for two years and it is sad going into work an noticing leftover beer bottles and cans, wasted food, etc just lying in the street and now I know who is partly responsible. I used to think it was vagrants. Oh well.. I guess I am done ranting about the state of affairs as I see them. I just wish people would take more personal responsibility not only for their own actions but to other human beings and to the environment equally...is that too much to ask?
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You bring up a gigantic issue but we must tackle it step by step. Do some research and find other ways that will help your friends & acquaintances be sustainable. Educate yourself so you can educate others (not saying that you aren't educated but the more options you give people, the more likely they will be sustainable). They must be easy and better yet, beneficial (ex. save money). There is SO much more to say but I'll leave it at that for now. Keep being green!!