Why Can't People Understand

We should all care about the environment. It is so important. I try to do all I can to help it. People who don't care, bother me a lot.
DarkSalem DarkSalem
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I agree with you 100%. I am in South Florida and we go to the beach a lot. Not to sunbathe but to enjoy the fresh air.<br />
Yet every visit the beaches are littered with various garbage. I and my husband do what we can by capturing plastic straws, broken toys, diapers, soda and beer cans, water bottles by the truckloads, and so much more.<br />
Tide is coming in to wash the plastic back out to join the various others in "Plastic Island." We pick them up to toss back up onto the beach before the tide rises taking them.<br />
Such slobs are these people. Birds and sea life are dieing because they eat these bit's of plastic. THIS is what we eat too when we purchase seafood for our consumption. Lets continue this group and have everyone commit to doing something to save our planet.<br />
I do NOT drink from these plastic containers. <br />
I DO have a water cooler. I refill the 3 and 5 gallon bottles with water from machines that are filtered with Osmosis methods.<br />
Don't forget these thin plastic bottles are made from the same oil that you use to fuel your automobiles.

I happen to be on the same page with DarkSalem and Corvina. I think we may have at least one answer as to "how" people can be so cold and uncaring, as in what HumanitysFucked wrote: "humanity is Dead. you cant fix that...." In other words, some people have lost all hope and therefore have chosen not to care. As for Corvina's biochemist cousin, I can't think of any other career, other than perhaps pharmacueticals, that is directly threatened by a serious move to stop global warming (not to mention the reality that we DO know what causes cancer: the State of California alone has a list of 750 chemicals they KNOW cause cancer that is updated yearly and that are found in such common places as apartment buildings, hotels, grocery stores, etc). The notice put up is so that no one can sue the manufacturers responsible for the hazards as they were "warned". It's all to cover their a**es and to keep making money. Lots of money. That's all most people seem to care about anymore. I suppose it was inevitable: first, losing concern over the environment, second losing concern over how animals and humans are treated, and lastly, losing concern over how humans are being poisoned. Global warming is a grave threat, and I doubt there are enough people who care about it to catch it in time. It's so sad.

get ******. humanity is Dead. you cant fix that you dumb piece of ****

I totally agree. I recently had a bad experience with my cousin in the U.S. She's a biochemist--some brainy scientist. Anyway, I had sent out an email to help out the Alliance for Climate Protection of Al Gore to raise awareness for climate change/global warming. And she replied with an email showing Al Gore's totally unenvironmentally friendly and gas guzzling house and links to articles showing that global warming or all the panic over it is a scam, a fraud, and that people who ride on the issue are opportunists. It made me feel so sad and disappointed and angry. It's beyond me how some people can think that just because global warming is inevitable (which it is because it's part of the earth's natural cycle) be not concerned about its impact on humanity and other living beings on the planet and not lift a finger or even utter a whisper to help ease the situation.