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We Blame The Corporations But What About You ?????

I find it funny that the whole world relies on worlds fossil fuels for transport, electricity,
clothese, paper,food we eat, cleaning products, alcohol, cigarettes,
uses all the resources that destroy the world yet when there is blame to be pointed it is pointed at the corporations,
dont get me wrong they are partly to blame but how can we blame them when we are the ones using all these damaging chemicals we are creating a tunnel in which they can feed us these oils , we can sit and complain about it ,blame them and say they evil or horrible but lets be fair what are you doing about it ? a small minority are making billions and billions out of us we keep asking when will they realise that they are destroying the world ? i ask when will you realise YOU are destroying the world. we keep pointing the blame as if eventually they are willing to give up billions of pounds to save the world but are you willing to give up everything to prevent destruction of the planet ?
Johnny88 Johnny88 22-25, M 10 Responses Mar 6, 2011

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Very true: the CORPORATIONS (well, most of them) only make their products because we are out here as consumers ready to give our money to whoever makes whatever random product without thinking of the process it took to make it.

i totally agree :)

We have to think outside the box.......take one problem at a time and explore the possibilities of substitution to solve.Lets look at deforestation for example..........We need building materials but what are the materials that are least impacting on the environment........... probably rammed earth which is very insulating as well.<br />
We need paper products........ what if we find a way to make those paper products(everything from newspapers to toilet paper) that are renewable from one growing season to the next such as farm waste...(think corn stalks etc....)<br />
Bamboo is fast growing but invasive........ it's already being used for more and more products.<br />
Localities have to learn to embrace alternative building procedures and fast track acceptance and new codes that will allow all possibilities . <br />
<br />
Everybody jump in with solutions............Let's stop stressing and start solving

forget the past , it is not relevant what so ever. <br />
<br />
at this moment now on earth what is happening ? <br />
<br />
we has a whole are using up 85 million barrels of oil per day , what happens when the oil runs out ?<br />
<br />
the population is on the increase , which will demand more resources for energy. <br />
<br />
we are destroying the actually things that sustain a health balance in our environment , like the forests, our water, country side, organisms, . we are destroying that which helps balance out the biosphere and creating more of what harms the planet<br />
<br />
now am not quite sure what your argument is for but i think that shows we are been excessive.<br />
<br />
if you want my definition of excessiveness then it is when we over indulge in something that causes an imbalance in the equanimity of something.

You have to define what you mean by 'excessiveness" <br />
<br />
Innovation is spurred by demand. Technological advancement enables us to clean the environment due to better utilization of resources and more wealth.<br />
<br />
Think how dirty the world would be today if we all rode horses and cooked over wood fires.

there is no fear at all just a deep concern at everyone talking about what THEY are doing and HOW bad THEY are to the planet but the thing is everyone is buying into it, even the people who believe that climate change is not happening are wasting their breath even speaking about it because they are missing the point and the point is excessiveness! and it is this excessive behaviour that needs to change. we humans are like pendulums we swing from one extreme to another. Although change in the way we live externally via renewable resource does its job it still isnt enough the power men have to be forced not to have any choice but to change their enormous consumptions and we as people are just so happy to pass it by and to talk about it day in day out for decades and we think we know best but never do a thing about it. it is time for each of us to get together and change this world and stop been robots to the guys with the remote control

I can just hear the Republican scare spin on this. <br />
<br />
I think people are so scared that they can't think. it would take a mass awakening for people to both change their consumption and daily living patterns AND to push for meaningful legislation. Too many people are somehow buying into crazy conspiracy stuff about massive scientific hoaxes to--What? To make Al Gore rich? I don't understand how easily some people will believe that, rather than the obvious greed "fueling" the campaign to keep us drilling no matter what the cost and viewing oil as central to our energy policy.

they are not the driving force of this society WE ARE!!!!!!<br />
<br />
WE the ones that rule the roost but we scared to unite , i am scared too but we need to unite together and make a change for humanity

society has put such a fear on us that we fear if we leave everything that we wont survive. im not sure how many people are interested and when i say interested i mean a sense of certainty that the environment is in desperate need of help but we need to get together in numbers the oil companies can only make money as-long as we allow them to , if we get together in numbers who can stop us ?? we need this assurance that we are ok if we leave our homes and fight for whats right. we need to hold ourselves to a point that these guys are stuck. they will keep doing it when benefit is in their favour but when we give them no option but to change then they will.

You have a point. The people are definitely an accessory to the crime, but a corporation has two choices to provide the same goods they can do it cleanly or be irresponsible,<br />
<br />
There are unfortunately may incentives to be irresponsible and to me the blame lies in the state and the laws regarding corporations. A corp is a separate entity, then people who make the decisions to pollute are by and large protected from the consequences of their actions so fir them it oays to be irresponsible. <br />
<br />
All that really needs is to get the government out of the way in two regards:<br />
<br />
1. the state often runs interference for politically connected corporations For them it is easy to pay a small fine and pollute than to spend the money to clean up. <br />
<br />
2. laws are basically written by the lobbyists for the groups affected by the laws so there are always loopholes<br />
<br />
If you clear the way for individuals to sue other individuals, say I get an allergy from this or that pollutant. I sue Jeff Immelt not 'GE' 9or whomever) directly for damages.<br />
<br />
He might be able put down one or 100 separate lawsuits but how about a million? Make Immelt and GE liable for the damages and you change the dynamic making it not economical to pollute.<br />
<br />
Now instead of paying $20 million to clean up your facility you pay $1 million fine. Makes sense to pollute. Burt change that liability to $100 billion and it has the potential to kill the entire company including the CEO's personal holdings. All of sudden being dirty looks like a very bad idea.