New Environmental Heroes To Celebrate....... Hip Hip Horray!

Anyone who contributes their time and energy towards helping the environment, is a hero in my book. 

Whether it's cleaning up or helping to curb or end pollutants into our environment, it's all for the greater good for everyone.  Here's a list of some extraordinary Environmental Heroes.  Yes, they are Public Servants, who are actually SERVING the public when it comes to the Environment. These Public Servants exerted both their passion and energy to make significant progress in protecting their local environment. 

Three Cheers to Them!

When our Public Servants' take action that serve us well, in any aspect, it's nice to let them know how important it is to you.  A reminder to them that we are paying attention to their actions.   It doesn't matter if they are not your representative, in  your 'town', as we all know, it's a small world and what often affects one city, can also affect another.   The more our Public Servants stand up for Environmental Issues, the more we all win.

Meet the Fantastic Four Blue Green Heroes

Massachusetts State Representative Geraldo Alicea
improved water systems for clean water and was awarded highest score by the Massachusetts League of Environmental Voters.

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You CanThank Geraldo Alicea For His ‘Clean Water’ Project By Contacting Him At:



Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley formed, and is currently chairing, the Committee on Women and Healthy Communities. Pressley has promoted and led climate change solutions that are both economically progressive and low cost to appeal to lower income communities.

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You Can Thank Ayann Pressley For Her Conservation Projects By Contacting Her At:

Fitchburg Mayor Lisa Wong assisted a 179 year old company to complete a cogeneration project that lowers energy cost and enables 150 existing jobs to continue, with an outlook for more. Wong’s Fitchburg Greenway Committee was recognized as Conservationists of the Year by The Trustees of Reservations.
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You Can Thank Mayor Wong For Her Conservation Projects By Contacting Her At:   

Know A Hero For The Environment? Let organizations know who in your local government is a blue green hero.

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Thanks, I will.

I am a member of my local Free Cycle online group. If you have not already, you may want to look up one online near you. :-) Thanks for sharing all this. I luv it!

Well, then, as an Environmental Scientist and member of this group, that now would make you .....<br />
A Superhero. : )

A superhero? I don't need to wear a cape or anything, do I?

Only for endorsements and public speaking engagements...
time to finish off that shyness. Well, you can always wrap the cape around your face for the first minute...

Kind of like in those old Dracula movies... How appropriate now for Halloween.

I agree with your statement that everyone who does something to help the environment is a hero. Of course, I may be somewhat biased. I am an environmental scientist...