The Road To Nowhere

I have written a few stories about the roads to nowhere, In fact these roads take us through history.

The land that is forgotten, the roads that brought us to the future, the environment that was left behind.

The enviroment of our future. We are still mining gold, coal, and have now nuclear plants.

I care about our world and our environment and have come to understand that its all about the all mighty DOLLAR!

I do what I can as a human being for our children of the future, what can you do.....?
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1 Response May 22, 2012

Those roads have and do take us places, some not so nice. A nice country<br />
road is not so much about the Almighty Dollar .... or, say, the road that takes<br />
you to Lover's Lane. But remember, we do need that Almighty Dollar.

You are so right in romance, except this story is about ''I Care about the Environment .'' Can I call you Frankie? Have a wonderful evening.

Yes, you can call me

Thank You Frankie.... Have a wonderful weekend.