I May Not Do Anything Big

but i try to atleast do my part as a concerned human being who loves the planet i live on. you'll never see me throw anything out my window. i pick up trash around the dumpsters. i cant understand how lazy people just sit it 'next' to the trash bin. how helpful is that. i buy recycled paper, donate old clothes rather than throwing them away, i dispose of my scrap metals and plastics properly. but most importantly i watch shows that show more innovative ways of helping the environment. if everyone would pitch in, not just your average joes, but big companys too, we could seriously make the earth a better place. i think thats something we should all strive for.
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4 Responses Nov 17, 2007

fuel is defidently something we all need to use less of. i am mastering that since i dont have a car right now. i would like to eventually own a car or truck that runs on bio diesel. i'm not a big fan of gas/ electric cars.

We got canvas bags for groceries, which has dramatically cut down on garbage. I also cook a lot, which saves on packaging, in addition to being healthier. We work where we live, so that saves a ton of fuel.

i wish i could say the same where electricity is concerned. because of potty training, the bathroom lights are constantly on. and i am dreadfully afraid of the dark, so the week my husband is at work i tend to leave the televisions on [i get more scared in the dead silence]. but i guess i make up for it with my short showers, if i can even get one in a day. the kids make that very hard. and as for the ac and heater, well i like to open the windows when ever i can. however when my husbands home, he tries to turn our house in to a damn winter paradise. its odd how different we are....i'm a comfortabe 78° while my husband feels quite content at 64°.

I'm pretty much the same....I do my little bit. I don't do anything vast but I think if EVERYONE did a little bit then it would make a HUGE difference. It really ****** me off when I see people throwing trash on the floor when theres a bin just a few steps away, lazy idiots.