Belief On Water.

Water. I look around the room i am currently in and i see two bottle of Sobe LifeWater, a half-empty cup of tea, and several empty bottles of water awaiting the trash bin. I have been blessed with an abundance of water. Yet, I think, why should I get so much water? Do I need to drink over 8 glasses of water a day, while others, many many others in the world barely get a drop? I look around at the world and my heart plummets to the ground. I think, God gave us all we needed. He gave us a water cycle that naturally replenished the water supply for us and gave us a substainable amount. He spread the water around the world. Yet, as Pandora opened the box and humans were spoiled in sin, we crave more. We need flavored water, we need twenty minute showers, we need a dam so we can have water where we want to live, we want to put all the chemicals we don't want on land to be in water as if it all the guilt of the damage is being washed away. Since when do we, mere creatures given the gift of life by Nature, have the right to tell Nature what to do? It's quite like as a child, give an inch, they take a mile. But afterwards, you don't get the chance again. Nature won't trust us. It doesn't want to be abused or told what to do. After all, it gave US life. It does not need to be treated as such, and then Nature turns its back on us. Violent storms, death, desertification, a shortage of food crops...what have we brought upon ourselves? Waste, waste, waste. Why? For what higher purpose does it serve except our own shortsighted pleasure? I recently watched the documentary Blue Gold and the majority of scientists have predicted that in 50 years, the world will be in water chaos. Water is be owned by corporations, and those rich enough will get water. The other 99% of the world will die in agony. Many people will ask upon this time, where is God? Why has He abandoned us? He did not abandon us, He is looking down upon us at the mess we created ourselves. We must change things now. NOW. So much needs to change. We are on a path we cannot stay on forever. The road ends but on a cliff we will all plunge into. Water needs to be conserved, oil needs to be eliminated, man-made chemicals gone, and solar and wind energy harvested. God gave us the things we need, so why are we not satisfied? I look upon the baby boomer generation in disgust. What have you done to the world? Why have you been so stupid? You may claim ignorance, like cigarettes, those addicted claim "I didnt know they were bad for you." You didnt know SMOKE inhaled into your lungs was BAD for you? Since when did the most intelligent life forms on this planets become so narrow minded and idiotic. Look what you have left the fruit of your loins. A world on the brink of water depletion so we will die thirsty, deforestion so we will die of lack of oxygen, pollution so our bodies will be poisoned, global warming so our ecosystems will die, and overpopulation so there will not be enough of the already little supply to go around. Why? Because you wanted to live where there;s no water so you build dams, because you abused paper, didnt recycle, countless amounts of precious resource wasted, because you had to have 10 children, because you had to dump all that chemical waste somewhere, and because you need 2 or 3 cars. You wanted a life of luxury, and didnt care of the cost. There is always a cost. Nothing is free. What's free for you, must be paid for by someone else. This is the way of the world. God made it so because if all was free and there were no consquences, how would be learn what's right and wrong? How we learn to indulge is to sin, or to abuse what has been given to us is wrong? The hard way, of course. Please, all that read this, regardless of who you are, what you do for a living, your political views, your religious views, or your moral views, please reflect on the ideas, and you will see the truth. You  may think "oh but I am one person. My change will not do anything." Oh but it will. If everyone thinks that, what will change? Shorten your shower, don't leave the water running, you know what you could do. And if you are up to it, fight corporate privatization of water and its waste and pollution. A little grain of sand built up over times creates a beach, so what have you to lose? I know what I and the generation have to lose. Our lives

mareedid mareedid
18-21, F
Feb 21, 2010