~ I'm Trying Not to Care Quite As Much ~

~ I want to be able to tell myself that there are people that just aren't going to be that "in to me". It's okay. It doesn't mean I'm not worthy. It doesn't mean I did something "wrong". There are all kinds of people & all kinds of interests. Someone not liking me, not feeling friendship or love with me is not the end of the world. It is not something lacking in me. It is just a bit of life. I have to pick myself up, realize that there was a lesson to be learned in meeting that person, & move on. Without the self-hatred, the moodiness, & constant second guessing. I am an awesome person, just not to all people. ~

As long as the friends I have are true & I'm as true to myself as I can be, then I'll be okay.... That's what I need to learn. It's not easy, bad habits die hard.........But I will succeed, because failure after this long is NOT an option.

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1 Response Mar 18, 2009

yes there are all kind of people. dont worry about them.you are great!