I Usually Don't...

For most of my life, I had been a social outsider with few friends. Now that I'm in university, I can gladly say I'm not any more.

But there is one person in my university of 30 000 who lives in my residence who I can't help feeling self-conscious around.

She was the nicest person I hung out with at camp in the summer, so I really shouldn't feel awkward. It's just that... at the camp where I met her, I didn't really have any friends. So I had vented to her at camp that I "hoped I would make friends at university." She assured me that I would, as everyone would be looking for friends.

But, it's just that EVERY time I see her in residence, I am alone, and she is with people. As I have mentioned, I have lots of friends here. It's just that everytime I see her, I'm alone and she is with people. I don't usually eat dinner alone, but on the occasion that I have to, she always seems to be nearby. I rarely see her when I'm with my friends- out of pure coincidence.

It's just awkward, because I can imagine her thinking "I guess I was wrong saying that she (me) would make friends in university". 

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18-21, F
Mar 1, 2010