This Is For U Angelprincess1989*

You are a great person and friend and know that u always listen and care for others.

I was worried when i saw ur stories,i know how it is to feel like that,i just wanted to tell u,u are great and we love u with all of our heart*Dont ever wish something that u know its not is a challenge,dont quit.I know its not easy,i know its hard to accept some things but stand up and feel how strong u are,coz i know u are.

This is something i found just for u:

Be strong, live long
Always be true to yourself
Right wrongs, sing songs
I am praying for your health

Be strong, keep it real
I know you will succeed
Hold your head up high
You have got all that you need

Be strong, keep it real
Life goes so fast it is like a race
But even when the pace is toe-to-heel
I still see a smile on your face

With your dreams you are making progress
You are an inspiration to your friends
Peace, I love you, and God bless
I am in your corner till the end

Lots of hugs*



annasangels annasangels
18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 26, 2009

thats really nice.

i know u ll be better..we all care for u**

hope u ll feel better...many hugs**