The Story Of The Giant Calendar

The mother of my colleague is now 99 and had problems with her eye sight. To help her, her son produced on a kitchen table a "Giant Calendar", which hangs on the back of a door it is so big. Many who saw it said "this is a very useful tool where can we buy it?" So it was produced to help all those with eye problems, difficulties with arthritic hands, memory problems and thoe who have simply hectic and full lives like mothers. Once it was produced we contacted many charities to help spread the word about this calendar that those who use it find very useful but most of them refused to help to do so, which was a huge blow as we had tried to help and knew that many would benefit from it. As it also has such big spaces for every day nurses and doctors visiting have enough space to write in it as have friends and family to announce when they come next etc..

Anyway, as we did not know how to find ways of contacting those who need this tool directly or their nearest and dearest we have made losses for a couple of years on the production of the calendar and were thinking of stopping its production all together, but then a daughter phoned and said that her mother who has Alzheimers only wanted one Christmas present and that was the Giant Calendar as she had got used to it.

So I really would love to help her and a couple of others who in the mean time have contacted me and were distraught when I said that I did not know if we could continue the production of this Giant Calendar because times are hard for us too, even very hard at times and calendars are not what we "usually" do. We are natural scientists and try to earn our living with that.

So someone suggested to use a "chat room" to try and spread the word and so I am here now writing this story in the hope that some of you might be interested in this product too so that we can produce enough calendars not to make a loss and help all those who are desperate for this tool as there simply is nothing of comparable size as it is not easy to produce.

Should you be interested to find out more please visit

And as it will soon be Christmas I wish you all a Merry and Blessed Christmas.
Blumenhut Blumenhut
51-55, F
Nov 28, 2011