Life Alert

My Grandma refused to give up her independence. I think another consideration is time of response. We just got grandma that Life Alert emergency response with the button.

I think it's the best thing on the market. We always call but can't be there all the time and she wants to be independent. They are like guardian angels. I'm looking for the number...the person I spoke to was the best customer service i have ever had. Its that commercial "i fallen and cant get up". She would have severe anxiety and would push the button and they would stay on the phone with her for as long as they needed to to offer her compassionate and soothing conversation...and call paramedics if they thought it was life threatening, but grandma never needed that. And also called us to let us know. It was cheap too. I'll find that number and let'm explain all that they do...

you said knowing about the medicine but we told them all that plus her conditions and they would tell the paramedics, call us and call the doctor. paramedics knew EVERYTHING before we could even get there. she is allergic to codeine and they would tell them that too.

Oh, I found the number and name of that great CS guy at Life Alert. He's great and I hope you call him.

Life Alert
Jeffrey Allen
1-800-686-5902 ext 215

I hope you like him as much as we did. Cheers
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It's wireless. The ba<x>se monitors the smoke detector, carbon dioxide detector, and button. the monitoring also knows the battery strength, and automatically mails out new batteries for free. if the button battery gets low, they send a new button and you discard the old button, still free. there is a device that acts like a cellphone. it has one button that only dials 911 over a speaker. the battery in it lasts 10 years...if only my cell phone lol<br />
the system must connect to a land line. I was told it was able to connect to vonnage but not sure. if the person monitored has a low income, they can qualify for lifeline...government mandated discount phone ranges from $10-15. you can call jeff allen @ 786-413-7117.

Thanks for info-getting it. Pops is always getting into trouble:) worth 10x what they charge!

Does this service run off wireless internet or the phone? Or is their a choice...TY

I've been in the senior alarm market for over 15 years and just started a "subsidized" division for seniors who have trouble affording a MED ALERT service. My other division (full service) has solutions from $29.95 a month to $49.95 a month depending upon needs, but this solution is $19.95 a month for low-income or financial needs based service. Let me know if anyone wants more information about this. I've only got a few thousand units at this price (nationwide) so they may only be available for a few weeks. Thanks.