Keeping Dad Occupied

Hello All,

I have been soaking it all up for quite a while now. After reading some of the stories I feel that I am in a better situation than a lot of you, for that I give thanks. Pops is 85 and considering age is in decent shape both physically and mind wise. One of the biggest concerns of mine is what he does when I'm at work. He can't drive anymore, but he is by himself about 6-8 hours on a normal day. Of course I've got every channel on cable for him, but he doesn't get too much enjoyment from TV. And boredom is not a good thing for someone his age.......especially don't want him deciding it's now time to fix the sticky window, or anything like that around the house. One thing that turned out to be a big hit was getting sirius-xm radio. They broadcast old time radio shows which he loves, it reminds him of the good old days. I've listened to some shows with him and they're actually very good! But I think I really hit the jackpot with him, I found a place on the that sells 1000s of old time radio shows at a reasonable price. I order for him, but he's called there a couple of times to see if they had a show he couldn't remember the name of, and whoever answers the phone there was a champ. They got him the info he needed and were very patient and kind. 2 Thumbs up for these guys.

Another thing I did was introduce him to a group of people who on a fairly regular basis, serve warm meals to both good people down on their luck, and those who are developmentally challenged. I'm not sure how much work dad really does, but he likes doing it, and gets a great sense of accomplishment from it. The org. that does it serves out of a church, but he doesn't have to be a member.

I know that things will soon turn, but I like to see pops active. I think it helps him in many ways. But as I started this message out, I just don't want to see him with too much idle time. Because when he gets bored, he thinks he has to find something to do....and it's not always good!

If anyone has any more ideas please post them. Dad and me both feel that although TV does keep him grounded, it's getting so stupid you almost feel guilty watching it. Dad is a vet, but at the VFW hall here, theres more drinking going on than anything else. more thing. I got him the tools to do leathercraft with. Nothing too difficult, but he feels good about having something to tinker with, and there are no power tools involved! The 'stuff' he makes now is good, but I know in a few years it will be the most valuable items I own.


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you are walking a long loney road just like manyothers here that care for others and the system could care less<br />
and them keeping busy is the best thng you can do for them<br />
<br />
feel free to write if you want some one to talk with