Taking Care of 2 Elderly and 4 Childre

My boyfriends parents moved in with us shortly after we got our house and seeing that I am the stay at home mom I was left to tend to there needs. Now the mother was doulbe parapalegic confined to a wheel chair and a dibatic sadly she passed december 06. the father has kidney faliure and is also confined to a wheel chair and has to be takin to treatment three time a week he is also blind so I have to feed dress and change him. Now I know that GOd appriciates people like us who take care of our elders but this was very difficlt thing for me seeing how I have 4 very young children to look after to. We have tried everything to get assistance for him and even have looked into nursing homes (not that I really care for them) but he needs to be some place were the can handle his needs. He is a vetrean of the Vietnaim war but yet does not meet the criteria to be in a VA hospital. Which..How much more qulification do you need? And forget about nursing assistantce at least in this town. All that we have had just sit around don't do anything talk on ther cell phones or just don't show up at all. It makes me sick that there are not better programs or nursing assistants in our goverments issues. I mean this older people are or heritage the helped form what are USA is today and yet they get treated like they are nothing..This makes me so mad.

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I don't know what the VA provides but you should be able to get assistance through your county Office of Human Services. If your elderly parent is poor enough, you should be able to get Medicaid to pay for the care, although this does have significant paperwork.<br />
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It certainly is tough to take care of an aging parent. I've done that and finally decided that her needs were far greater than I was able to provide at home. A skilled care facility was one of the most difficult choices that I ever had to make. It's also turned out to be one of the best for the quality of my life, the quality of my relationship between my mother and I and the health of my mother.<br />
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Good luck to you.