Meals For Elderly


I work for a company called Meal Movement. We help feed elderly healthy, nutritious, meals. It's real, great tasting food. It includes real eggs, meats, vegetables, etc. There are no added fillers or processed carbs, so it's great for diabetics and those who need low sodium. It's a very affordable alternative, only $9/day.

To check out the website, search Meal Movement. Then, from the home page, click on the "senior home" tab in the upper right hand corner.
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2 Responses Sep 18, 2012

Meals on Wheels is a great solution and great program too. What we offer different from Meals on Wheels is that the person can customize what they eat and choose their favorites. We ship 14 days of meals at a time, so they can eat when they want and have 2 warm meals a day. Also, there are no added sugars or processed carbs so it agrees well with a diabetic. It seems many seniors are experiencing the effect of the horrible disease and it is absolutely necessary for them to avoid sugars in juices, wheat products, and fruits. I completely respect you for helping the elderly and doing great works. Senior nutrition is definitely a cause we all need to fight for!

i agree as a country we care more for the rights of those in jail then we do the elderly

wehave something called meals on wheels that we drive for sometimes in the winter when weather is bad as we can go an where