I Wont Be Caring My My Adopted Mother When She Needs It....

she will be going straight into a home!!
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You owe her nothing, not befor,not now and not EVER!
Even when you work on forgiving her does not mean you have to have contact with her.
Forgivness is for the victim not the abuser.
By that I mean you will feel release at forgiving her to go on with your life.
If u never see her again you will be doing your consciouse and sub-consciouse a good deed. I am so sorry this happened to you and u know I'm always here for you.

thanks sister :) i love you and will write soon :)

I agree. Dont take care of her. Its hard to care for someone you hate anyway.

thanks :) she was and is (at the age of 91) a sexual predator. I was adopted into her family before there was anything like child protective services. She molested me for years and allowed men in the family to do the same. No remorse. So... yes thank you for your support but if the time comes and she needs help, it will not be me who helps her. But I will always be polite. :) Have a really good week.

You have every right to feel that way. You owe her nothing. And she owes you everything. Its too bad. Stay away from people like that including a family member if need be. I am sorry you went through that. It must have been horrible. Dont even think about her anymore. And certainly dont feel guilty about how you feel either. God bless

you know what?? you are absolutely right when you said "dont even think about her anymore." That was of God. Even though she cant hurt me anymore, my mind can sometimes go around in circles about what she has done. I am going to start working on that. Thanks! God bless you too :)

Bad people, no matter who they are, do not need to occupy any space in our lives or our brains. Compartmentalize her to the trash heap. Throw her over your shoulder into the bin. Do not let her in your life anymore. Its over. Done. Nadda. She has taken too much from you already. Live life to its fullest and do good where ever you go. You are a good person and you deserve the best.

thanks :) HUGS!!

Yes! Yes! yes!

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it is not easy looking after the elderly,
but have a good conscience

you answered before knowing the whole story. If you knew who this woman is and what she has done... you would not be quick at all to say "but have a good conscience". judgment before knowing the truth is dangerous ground for anybody :) hv a good day

judgement before knowing the truth is ignorant :)