I have cried many times in my life. Once when I lost my cat, as a kid, I cried as if  the world ended.But then, I grew up to see it as a fact in the life. As time passed, I cried over other things. When I fought with my best friend, when my mother won't let me wear the dress I wanted to, when my father scoldme and so on. But again with time I saw they ar not really worth crying.
And then, someone broke my heart. I lost all hope, and will to go on. I completely gave up on my life. What's the meaning of going on, when I can;t be with the one I want? That's how I thought.
Until today. Today I saw a picture and read an article. Article about the world hunger. A picture of children looking more dead than alive, yet they were struggling to go on. What right I, who have everything I could hope for, easily within my reach, have to give up on life, when souls suffering that much can carry on?
Here I was, complaining of what I don't have, a mobile, a boyfriend, a pc of my own or freedom to be myself. Yet they were there, without a shelter over their heads, not a sheet to lie on, and craving for a bite of food I have often thrown away.
How can I complain?
The tears they have shed are much more worthier than those I have.
Today I realized, what life holds for me.
Today I began to care for the people suffering for no fault of them.
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1 Response Jul 25, 2011

Let me start by saying that I feel the same about those poor children as you. We all think that our lives are hard but when we look at those children we think different. To me it is pretty sad that it has to take those children to make us look at our problems different..Thanks for posting maybe more people will start to see what you and I se................