Bring In People That Are Sick Not People That Are Healthy.

"When i mean bring people that are sick " i don't mean a bad sickness or ae headaches or back pain, i mean people that have hard cold hearts for others' they are the ones in need for help, ok a person needs help from a doctor to get well. But what about the things you do to others ? and the evil words you say about others! a Doctor can't help you get well from that ? No.... i tell you when you eat food and you say its healthy for you ok you say yr healthy ! but the words that comes out of you an hurts others make you unhealthy to workship God! . when you take a hand full of little rocks and throw it into a river , then you ran back to find them! but you don't know which rocks are yours ? its like what you say to others is what you can't take back. So help the sickness and care for them and make them healthy today .

Thanks God for this day!smiley
mefroz mefroz
18-21, F
Jul 29, 2010