Care Too Much

i care too much about everything

i care too much about people, about things

about things that are said and things that aren't

about what people think and think of me, what i do, why i am the way i am

i care too much about what people are feeling, and as much as i try to help sometimes it seems as though i'm not doing anything at all

i care about things i shouldn't care about at all, like how people see me and if they like me or not


and sometimes i wish i just didn't care at all

but then i think...would i still be me if i didn't care?

and no, i wouldn't

if i didn't care, every day i've spent would be so different

and i wouldn't have met some really great people i now call my friends


so do i really care too much about everything?


but sometimes its better to care about things that nobody cares about at all


AllHallowsEve AllHallowsEve
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7 Responses Mar 4, 2010


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betch :P

mmh ... so stfu! :O

indeed i wouldn't

if you didn't care so much you wouldn't be you anymore


I couldn't have said it better myself