I'm Too Nice

I've spent most of my life being taken advantage of. This is because I'm trusting and caring of other people. Too much so. I wish I could
develop a tough exterior and not be so affected by the issues of others. Case in point, when stories of animal or child abuse come on the news, I have to run into another room and cry. Everyone else seems to deal and shrudge it off. I've been deeply hurt by so called "friends".
So much so that I'm super careful about who I let into my life. Too careful. I was deeply and irreparably affected by the poverty I saw in
Cuba on our recent trip there. When I came home I felt guilty about the poor people whom I was unable to give money to. People arond here laugh and say I'm too soft and sensitive. They say toughen up,get on with it,etc. If only it was that simple.
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2 Responses May 24, 2012

those stories on the news make me cry too . . . and I usually have to leave the room . . . being sensitive is one thing . . . letting yourself get hurt by it is another . . . <br />
it should be a strength . . . not a weakness . . . thank you for sharing . . . :)

One of my problems was that I never learned to say NO. I spent my life trying to be a people pleaser. I also was much more trusting of others and was taken advantage of because I was. Being too nice is definitely a disadvantage.