Why Do I Care?

i am the cheer captain of my high schools cheerleading team and i put on a facade every single day of my life. My boyfriend hates it when i say that so and so said this about me or whatever, i think i need some serious help with this. i mean if you were the captain of a cheerleading team you would feel the same exact way im sure of it. dear goodness help me with this if you can......love ya'll tina!
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Surprisingly I know exactly what you mean. I'm 26 mom of three, and every time I leave the house I have to be perfect because God forbid someone doesn't like what I'm wearing or look like. I hate the thought of anyone having anything about me to laugh at, or make fun of. It's hard for me to be me, so I have to be super me. This is the me that does everything just perfect, no tripping on the sidewalk, no fat sticking out of my jeans etc.. It's an awful way to live, and I have to constantly remind myself that these people aren't going to hurt me! Even if they laugh at me because of something I've done or am wearing, they're probably just laughing because they're insecure in their life as well, or they're just a stupid boy..lol. Sometimes you just have to let loose and live a little, who cares if they make fun of you or not. There's only one you in the world, and you're the best at being you.

You have to find your niche in high school, the kind of life you're comfortable with.<br />
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I'm in marching band - the literal opposite of cheerleading. So I'm not the most popular girl in the school. But I have a huge group of supportive friends and a boyfriend who loves me. Yeah, I used to want to be popular like you assumably are, but I've found something better - a way to live in which I don't have to put up any facades.<br />
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So basically, as cliche as this sounds, if your friends can't accept who you are, you have to find new ones. And once your friends love you for who you are, it doesn't really matter if everyone else does or not.<br />
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I agree with surfman, while it is normal, and healthy to care what people think about you to some extent, just step back and think about the irrelevance of he-said, she-said nonsense.<br />
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If Charlene from english class or whatever thinks you have ugly shoes, the best thing to say is "Who ******* cares?" and if you do, that might be a problem.