And I Wish I'd Stop Worrying!

I can't help it. I constantly worry about what people think of me.
I'm very self-conscious of my looks, the books I read in public. The music I listen to. The kind of a life I live... all that I worry.

I grew up being watched like a hawk. If my foster mom found something she disapproves me of doing, she'd say bad things to me about it and make me feel bad.

I'm a people pleaser. I know I can't always do this. I'm trying to learn not let other people's opinion bother me...whether they like it or not. Yet I'd go on a guilt trip if I get upset by someone saying something bad about my music or whatever catches their attention.

I wish I knew a better way than not to worry what people think of me.
noaht43 noaht43
46-50, T
Sep 14, 2012