do I Care What People Think...

do i care what people think of me? 

i'd have to say it really depends on the day, my mood and who the person is ...

i would rather no one truly dislike me.  if they do and there is call for interaction, it should be that of a mature and civil manner.  if there is no call for interaction i don't care whether you like me or not as long as you "do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

i cannot respect people who are not mature enough to treat others as they themselves wish to be treated nor those people who are not mature enough to both act and react with civility.

i don't find it necessary to have many people's approval in this world ... very few in fact.  perhaps because there aren't many who don't like me or who don't approve of me. 

after my school years were over and i realized there was much more to life, i further realized the vast amount of people who didn't like me during my adolescense and those who in later years wouldn't like me were and are simply jealous of me or intimidated by me for some reason.

with all that said ... i do find opportunities for growth when i discover what people sincerely think of me.  surely there are things about ourselves we aren't aware of ... things we'd change immediately if only we knew what they were.  although it is generally a bit hurtful to realize these things, it is not the fault of the person who sheds light on it for me.  after all, it is I who possess this disagreeable trait.  i do my best to release the person of all hostility i might feel after comprehending the criticism.  even if they were attempting to be hurtful, i still do my best to be gracious.  if it is the truth, i will learn from it and grow from it.

seeing yourself through the eyes of others is, in actuality, a true blessing if only you wish to evolve further in your life's journey and maturing process.

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thank you, bb!

james65 - i'm certain Jesus would tell you to learn and grow ...