It Is Not As Pervasive As Before But ...

I still care a lot about what people think or perceive about me.  There used to be a time when it was paralyzing I only thought about how people would say or think about the things I say or do, specially at work.  I still do but is not as bad as before.   

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4 Responses Mar 21, 2009

How did you get it to be not so bad, I woulld really to know

Bottom line is that what other's may or may not think of you is unimportant. They put no food on your table or pay your bill's. The contribute nothing to your life so why worry. What you think of yourself is what is important. I could not ask for a better friend myself.

I still have a problem with that, I put so much importance into what people think of me and I guess I must feel accepted and if I ever feel rejected then I end up hating myself... But alot of it is in my head and knowing that helps.

What you think of yourself matters,GOD LOVES YOU.