A Caring Person

I'm a caring person. I may care to much at times. But thats alright. It just showes what kind of a person that I am. Will probably make a good mother some day.
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1 Response Jul 25, 2010

Caring too much is just as bad as not caring at all. Make sure that you know the difference between helping and rescuing, especially before becoming a mother. When you help, you put your arm out and tell people that they can steady themselves on you while they accomplish the task, letting them know that you believe in their ability. When you rescue, you push them aside and do it for them, implying that they don't have the ability to do for themselves. When we rescue, we reinforce dependency and inadequacy. As one increases, the other increases.<br />
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Care enough to show people that you believe in, respect and admire their abilities. When we need to be needed, we keep people down and unable to grow. Believe in others, and you'll love the results. Used effectively, caring can be beautiful and add to quality relationships. Best wishes.