Yeah, Well.

I care.  I care a lot.  You want to know what I care about?  Everything.  I care about the people around me.  I care about the people who aren't around me.  I care about my closest friends and my worst enemies.  I care about the people I just talked to and the people to whom I haven't spoken in ten years or more.

You know what I care about most, right now?  My friend A.  I got a message from her aout two months ago that her doctor had told her she might have cancer.  I messaged her back, several times now, and have heard nothing.  I know that she's gotten my messages, because it was all on MySpace and she's logged in since the times I sent them.  I can understand if she's rejecting my offer of emotional assistance, but I wish she'd let me know how everything turned out.  She's in my prayers everyday, and I wish she knew that.

You know what else I care about?  My friends in NW Iowa who are a couple, and have of late been constantly at one another's throat.  I can offer them nothing more than a shoulder to cry on (over the phone, of course), and they take me up on it.  I am thrilled to be able to be there for them when they need someone to talk to.

And there's more.  All of the people on EP with stories to share, or not share, I care about them.

There is not a person in this world that is not under the cover of my care.  I love all of you here, and would gladly do whatever I were capable of to help each and every one of you out, given the opportunity.  I love you guys!

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It was a pleasant for me to read your story. Its the best thing happened for me today. You such a soft hearted. You described peace on you. Im so glad and i wish many people like you existed. Be good and i wish you all the best. And i care about you



I care about Red Baron Pizza.

I wish you one day to be a president so you can care for everyone in your country and make them happy ^_^.

you suck stfu ur parents shoulda got an abortion and you need a life!nortonbill@rocketmailcom

Thank you for what you wrote. It is great to hear and good encouragement. Keep it up and your life will truly be blessed.

I think it is wonderful that you can love your enemies as well as your friends. I tend to care a lot also but I end up caring so much that I get my feelings hurt very often. Most people don't realize that the things they say and do resonate with other people. Like if a stranger tells you "smile, it can't be that bad" or just "smile" you can't help but give them a smile whether you feel like it or not because that person has just let you know that even though they don't know you, They want you to be happy. Those are the truly beautiful people in this world and I wish there was more. Never stop caring no matter how many people hurt you or try to ruin your wonderful outlook!

Me too! i care all friends very much!

Caring is dope!!

Awesome attitude! We all should care about everyone. Getting hurt? That goes with the territory, at least we did what we were able to. Best wishes to all. Mel

I'm the same. Even if I keep getting hurt I just get back and keep on at it. Maybe it's because we're lightworkers / Indigo's?

that's a really nice thought. i'm glad i'm under the umbrella of ur care. i really am. :)

You seem like a wonderful person. I'm sure you brighten the days of all you come in contact with.

Well if you say so, but I am not sure most people would agree...I mean if you really think about it.<br />
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Thomas<br />
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Id just like to say for the record, I was not abused a child, and I care for everyone and everything too. Its sucks because people dont like me, so they dont accept more offer for support. It also sucks because its only very recently Ive been able to stop myself running back to friends who stabbed me in the back. I may forgive them, but I still want them out of my life. Well, no, I want to smile and laugh and talk with them again, but it wouldnt work out happy and would be bad for my mental health...<br />
But I like who I am, and wish I acted on it more, wish I helped people on a bigger scale. But Im so scared to fail...<br />
So pass it on, and lets make this world a little better...

I wish I was still like you.<br />
I have stopped caring because when I did I would think about all the suffering in the world and it would destroy me mentally.<br />
That was at a time when I was suffering myself but now I am healed so maybe it is time to go back to caring.

lol! i'm such a caring person too... some of my friends tell me to stop caring too much cause i might get hurt someday.. but i can't stop it.. i'm enjoying it too much..

hats off to u... wish i could be as giving and loving as u :D GOD BLESS U ALWAYS

I'm the same way :) Always caring about everybody, to whatever degree I can. But I did have a very good model of familial love all the way while growing up, too(thanks mum :D Dad,) so MrsPotatoehead ain't always right ;) Besides, they've got pretty awful spelling and grammar, for a professional. I can see where they'd be coming from, but I'm not sure if I fit this model or not. I think I'm just a naturally loving person :P

I hate to rain on your parade but I've come accross many people like you in my practice . We're you abused as a child? I'm asking because abuse victims seek the love they did not get as children by being ultra good to the extreme and taking care of others they often become daycare workers or nurses or doctors but the person they really need to take care of is themselves which is the hardest thing to do because it's very hard to love yourself with no early childhood model of familial love.

if more people were like you wed have a better world to live in!

I too do wish there were more people like you!

i think that is not

So... G4G...<br />
<br />
Have I told you lately, that I love you?

I wish everyone was as compassionate and caring towards people, as you so obviously are. This planet would be a far nicer and a much more peaceful place to live if we all thought this way about others.