...... Bless Your Heart ......

An EP friend today mentioned I say, " bless your heart," and had I ever lived in the south. It is not the first time an epeep friend has mentioned my blessing their hearts. My real life friends have never mentioned it, probably because I have been blessing their hearts for years and years. And no, I've never lived in the south, nor do I have relatives or friends from that area... ( I just might need some!)

"Bless your heart" rolls off my tounge easily... I would imagine I have said it for many years... It's part of my natural vocabulary. It means, I care, or I'm touched, or, heck... It means I extend my blessing to you.

So just now I am a t my Mom's:

Mom: Someone shoveled my walks!
Me: I did that yesterday when I was here.
Mom: well, BLESS YOUR HEART! ;-)

You may think I must have learned the phrase from my Mom... but you would be wrong. Until dementia softened Mom's heart, she didn't EVER speak something as kind as bless your heart. SHE had to learn it from ME.... ;-)

.... And I don't have any idea at all when I first started speaking it, nor how it became a part of me. But! I think I like it! Yup, I do!

Thank you for stopping by to read this, I'm touched....
Bless your hearts... Love, Kathie
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Hmm...I've also heard you say something like...Blessings on your head...but either way, it's a very nice thing to hear. So Blessings to you, on your heart, your head and everywhere!

I think we can bless one another... Don't need no priest or " holy " man to be the middleman.
... And bless everything you touch, Weekie.

Bless you.

I was raised with it too. It's a common saying and your right, it just means that the person saying it is just giving someone a positive responce.

... And right back... A ton of blessings on your head...

Tkank you K.

That's cute

Bless you for stopping by, Beautifulgirl... Oxo

That's sweet

I say it too! my mom did and she's been gone 20 years but I've only started saying it consistently more recently. She grew up in the mid west so I figure that's where she got it. She had a lot of quirky sayings, but right now I can only remember "Golly Ned".

I'm sure it started as a religious thing but has morphed into a kindness gesture. Thanks for sharing Kathie!

Our hearts are blessed when we are touched or reach out and touch someone. I think it is an expression of pure joy that flows between all beings.You Kathi are a wonderfully generous and talented purrr-son. You bless my heart . giggle. Your friend, ,,,^-:-^,,, lil ole minimeowz aka mini

Awwww... HI Mini... You are just the NICEST little gal... I adore you... Bless you heart! Oxo

My grandma used to say that all the time. :-) She lived in the mid west her whole life.

My Grandma raised me... Maybe that's where I got it. Thanks for being here.


Awww. Bless YOUR heart Troll. Thank you so much for our wonderful friendship... OBlessx