Know I Care..

                    when people talk to me they think i don't care about anything. Mostly that is because I tell everyone I don't care. But that is a lie I do care I just don't want anyone I care about to hurt me. I care about them but first I have to care about myself and letting people know how un-bullet proof i am will just give them the chance to hurt me. I don't trust. but I do care. I care about everything, even the little things. I care about Africa and all the face I don't even know, but still I care. When someone I know gets hurt I care about how there doing. I don't want to leave them crying in the dark. I want to help I want everyone to know they have me to talk to because I care. I need the people I care about to know i am there for them, to care for them and not leave them alone. I CARE, AND I NEED YOU AND THEM TO 'KNOW I  CARE' 


                                                                                          sighed:   stray 



stray4life stray4life
18-21, F
Mar 5, 2010