Simply Careless

I'm having a really hard time today because I spent time doing things which not AT ALL important rather than deliver my translation work in time and all I could do was closing my mobile to avoide being blamed by the people I work with .see how careless I am .I found this site by chance just now when I typed (hate myself ) in google....i really feel so bad and angry with's a horrible feeling and i just hope i haven't done much damage for the people who entrusted me to do that task.

bluemoon111 bluemoon111
31-35, F
1 Response Feb 17, 2009

hi....thanx 4 ur comment (though it's about 2 years late) ..I guess ,unfortunately ,i haven't changed much since then...still beat myself whenever i make a mistake....anyway,um trying hard to accept the fact that i'm human after all.