It' hard being a teenager, the things we face.I'm in college and for sure come across some real characters. I appear gullible to most people and I won't lie I am.Iam not protected i don't see the world with two father is absent in my life.
The school i'm in now is very suttle...and as a young teen my mind was focussed on alot of other things.
my eyes glanced in the rong direction and i fell for a girl, yes someone of the same sex. i felt stupid and very confused. i didn't tell anyone i kept it to myself, she had No friends at all.One day we spoke by chance sitting in the study room and alter on that night she sent me a text message " would u be my secret lesbean lover?" my heart stopped in shock..i was like " no way!" i thought it was a joke. the night continued sending text messages back and forth to one went on for days...then sunddenly i got a text and it was said it was from her sister and if we dont stop she would take matters into her own hands. to me the story sound very complicated.when i saw her in school she told me she was sad and felt so confused and doesnt know what to do and she is scared people find out and it was a bunch of bullshit. she told me " im keeping you around" now to my knowledge that made me sound like im an object and im being i went with the flow...
soon i realised i had no friends my own friends were avoiding me and she had all my friends...
my concious was telling me she was bad talking me to them.when they werent around she woulda come huggin me and talking to me and when she wasnt around my friends knew me. when school opened back after christmas one of my old friends pulled me aside and said " she told us that she asked u for a drop home and as fast as u tried to kiss her was as fast as she jumped out the car" my eyes began to water. i confronted her...the girl who told me both of them are no longer friends, they were bestfriends while i was being scorned.
i felt so betrayed, i felt hurt.......
not recently i found out from one of her good friends that she sent the text message to me herself the whole " sister text" and wow i must say she was an excellent actress through it all...
my reputation got wrecked, i got backstabbed...i got my lessons learnt. " when people envy you stay far!"
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You're going to have a tough time in college unless your spelling improves:<br />
<br />
subtle<br />
lesbian<br />
conscience<br />
<br />
You'll also learn more about how it's best for people to EARN your trust, rather than giving it away.

Hey girl I can empathise wid u. If u read the story in my profile entitled ended a friendship u'll know what I mean. There are some ppl who jus love attn and when they can't get it they set out to destroy u. Sometimes we can help sometimes we can't.