A Life Changing Car Accident!!!!!!

You are so right about living your life and learning to appreciate it. Most people take their day to day life for granted!!!! This all became apparent to me almost 2 weeks ago early sunday morning. we had gotten a call late saturday night around midnight dec 1st that my brother had been stabbed 4 times during an altercation at the bar. he was careflighted to a hospital two hours away. several hours of surgery later we received word that my very lucky to be alive brother was going to be okay and since they were only allowing mom and wife in to visit me and 6 other people packed ourselves into my sisters suv (2 in the trunk area) and took off on the 2 hour drive home. We had gone maybe 15 miles when at 7:15 am dec 2nd an suv of six up and coming musicians from lincoln nebraska on their home from shooting a music video in houston texas veered into our lane almost sideswiping us( the driver had fallen asleep). I could have reached out my window into theirs and touched them we were so close...the driver of the suv woke up at the last second and jerked the wheel careening them into a guardrail where the vehicle abruptly spun the other direction and began rolling. It rolled 6 to 8 times and came to rest in our lane just a few feet from where my sister had expertly brought our vehicle to a stop untouched. We clamored out of the vehicle at the speed of light and ran to help. it was all in slow motion and i had tunnel vision so i saw everything just one thing at a time. the first thing I saw was a young black male lying on the highway in a pool of his own blood clearly beyond help.I saw the wreckage and realized that there was another young man still inside the vehicle but clearly alive and moving. I heard my sister scream in despair to the 911 dispatcher that she didnt know exactly where we were but that she knew we were on highway 35 in lewisville texas. then she said there are bodies everywhere. And at that point i was able to see the whole scene as a whole and looked around to see 2 more young hispanic men lying on the ground...i ran to one of them and attempted to help but i knew that he was very critical and i dint know what to do. I screamed for my mother and my friend annie whom both have medical training. annie got there first so I left him with her and ran to the next young man. he was lying next to the guardrail with a major head injury...my mom took over with him since he was the next worst after the man annie was with. I looked around to see a fifth young black male (later we found out he was the driver) walking around with a head injury but otherwise ok...I aksed him how many people where in the vehicle and he told me 6...i looked around and could only see 5...I asked him besides his head injury was he ok and requested him to sit down and that i needed to figure out where his friend was. he followed me in the direction of his friend whom i had run across first (DOA) and when he saw him.......i finally convinced him to sit until help arrived...i turned around and at that point i saw the 6th man walking around dazed but otherwise ok...he asked me about his friends and i calmly as honestly as possible told him what i knew so far...then i ran back to where annie was to see if there was anything i could do to help her and thats when i saw the man who had still been inside the vehicle now outside and military style dragging himself acrossthe highway to his friends because his legs were broken and he could not walk, but he was otherwise okay....at that point relizing there was nothing i could do that wasnt already being done, i dropped to my knees with annies son and in the middle of the highway we started praying. When help arrived i got up and screamed for the paramedics to help annies guy first. and then directed a couple more to where my mother was. Finally, i stepped back and took it all in and i cried. I kept thinking just an inch more and we would have been in the same place these young men were....an inch more and there would have been 13 bodies instead of 6...it could have been us, it should have been us. half of us in our vehicle werent even in seats let alone secured in the vehicle....all total 3 men were ejected from the car, one was dead on scene, annies guy died later at the hopsital and one was in critical condition. the other 3 were shocked and injured but okay. All the way home i just kept looking out the window at the sky thinking it had never looked bluer. The birds had never sang louder, and i had never been as one with my mortality as i was that day and still am now. I questioned why we were all alive and well and witness to such a terrible tragedy. and my only answer is that god wanted me to understand that life is precious and really can be taken in the blink of an eye...I share this not to sensationalize the story but to let people know that you could be on top of the world touching your wildest dreams, and then one sunday morning when everything the seems perfect it can be taken....Love yourfamily love your kids, live your dreams, but NEVER take it all for granted!!!
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Very true. Thank you for sharing your story. :)