An Amazing Day

I often carry a purse on my shoulder when out. Recently I carried a new one for the first time and was amazed at the the attention it brought me.

That day my wife & I went on a shopping trip in which we made multiple stops at a variety of stores. My attire was 100% femme...a baby blue polo top, nice shorts (my legs were freshly shaven) & a pair of flats...nothing really flaming or attention getting except that I grossly underestimated the power of the purse. It is cotton fabric,light tan, with 4 zipper compartments on the front plus a top zippered main storage compartment. Not so large or bulky but plenty enough for me.

Standing in line at the bank, a young girl (high school senior or slightly older) kept looking at me & finally asked so sweetly if my purse was a man bag. I responded with "Well, it could be." She smiled & asked where it came from all the while admiring it. I know she noticed my shoes & hairless legs, but she focused the conversation on the purse. I hated it when we parted. She had such beautiful eyes & I enjoyed the conversation..

Later at Kohl's I stopped to let a lady, in her 40's and attractive, with a loaded cart pass in front of me. She gave me an approving smile, pointed with one hand and said "I like that purse." I was floored & could barely say "Thank you" before she was gone. There was nothing but graciousness in her manner & her actions were those of a real lady.

On another stop, the clerk noticed the purse at once & I saw her actually do a double take. She kept glancing at me, taking me all in over a number of glances especially when she leaned over the counter to scan a large item. Then, with a full smile & sparkling eyes and  pointing to the purse, she told me   "That really isn't your color." I was shocked but finally recovered enough to say "I thought it was very pretty." She laughed & said "Well, it is...It's just not your color though." Nothing in her demeanor or tone of voice was sarcastic or demeaning. I asked what color she thought would have been better & she gave me several choices. I laughed & we had a fine little conversation while checking out. She was about 30 with beautiful hair and an infectious smile.

Finally, when checking out at the local Walmart, the clerk sized me up as soon as she saw me. Her quick scan & analysis would have done justice to the TSA because she called me "Ma'am" and then corrected herself to "Sir". I smiled & let it go without comment. A minute later, we had another  verbal exchange about something & she again called me "Ma'am" followed by "I mean Sir". I smiled again & when I looked in her eyes I could see those slip-ups were not accidental...she looked straight back at me with a hint of gleeful understanding. No doubt she read the appreciation & pleasure on my face  and in my own eyes.

Driving home, my wife was at a loss of words about the extraordinary events involving the purse. She witnessed & heard everything that went on and complimented me on my composure. That particular purse is now my favorite & I look forward to wearing it through the end of summer.

janusatv janusatv
61-65, T
May 21, 2012