Lost Both Testicles

I lost my left testicle in my early 20s due to torsion of the testicle, got married, fathered two great kids. Then, I lost my right testicle due to either an infection [my doctor's theory] or torsion [my theory]. My libido has been altered, I am permanently impotent, and Viagra and Cialis are really not of much use.

After much persuasion, my wife agreed to open up our marriage and she now has a boyfriend who satisfies her in bed. I do perform oral on her, she pegs me with a feeldo. I use anal toys, and with her encouragement, just recently had receptive anal sex with another man. My pleasure is through my prostate, not my penis. My penis is always small, flaccid, and I have no desire to stimulate it or have it stimulated.
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I too lost my 1st testicle at 18 years old by torsion. The other was undescended and was put in the scrotum shortly after the 1st loss. Lived that way for 15 years before getting married. Had 4 kids. Lost that testicle recently due to a hernia operation. Swelling cut off blood supply. I too have lost libido and ability to maintain an erection. I have to stimulate constantly but with a hesitation it goes limp fast. I take testosterone shots that keep me interested but still can't perform. Boils down to ************, mutual or otherwise. Takes at least twice as long to reach climax now. So that could be a plus for personal satisfaction. At my age (78), it probably doesn't make any difference but I still want sex. I haven't given up.

I ruptured this guy once and he lost a testicle. He kicked my brother in a fight and hurt his balls bad and he could not move for 45 minutes and had lots of swelling. I walked up to this guy and said why did you kick my brother, he said thats the way I fight. I kicked him real fast with my cowboy boot and it made a nice thud sound. He hit the ground and turned red. He never got up and the ambulance took him away he lost a nut. After he finally came back to school he avoided me completely. I told him that i wished i would have got them both. He never kicked or fought with anyone again in school.

joepleasure60----planned to post a month ago but busy with doctor follow-up and computer was in repair shop. First, I disagree with post number one sugegsting you need a sex change. You are doing fine and have learned to live without your balls even though you, like me, had no choice in giving them up. Know you miss them. I miss mine. I still have my sack and always will. It is loose because of the ruptures stretching it and my balls were swollen and one was inflammed before castration and rupture repair. It is 3 1/2onths now since surgery and swelling has gone down where it should be. It took me much longer to heal as urologist had to make a 3 inch incision down the middle of my sack. He cut me from just under my ****** all the way down so he could get at the ruptures. He told me most men have two small cuts----one incision over each ball. He cleared out old scar tissue from 2 previous rupture surgeriesmand he cut the cords of both balls as far back as he could get when he took the balls out. I had a huge amount of sack swelling and my penis really was swollen for over a week because the incision was was so close to my ******. Had probems peeing for awhile but doing fine now. ****** has shrunk back down where it should be. Are you on testtosterone? I am, not. I tried massaging my ****** a week ago for the first time to see if I could get it hard but my sack is so sensitive and that gets uncomfortable. No discomfort if I leave things alone. I have finished counseling and see Dr. once more next week before he relases me. I am getting along well even though I miss my balls but Icounseling has help[ed me and I am accepting castration and will move on with life. How are you doing. <br />
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joepleasure60--do you still have your sack? How are you getting along now. I, too, lost my balls, also, with no choice. Sometimes health issues take over. i srtill have and will keep my sack. Doesn't bother me how it looks. Just miss my balls.

Had a double rupture operation at age 16 on both of my balls and a second double rupture operation at age 19. Am 24 years old and ruptures have returned a third time and got to the point I could not push ruptures back up inside. Very uncomfortable and really hanging down like a horse. Right ball developed infection and pain was bad. Finally had an operation. Doctor fixed ruptures and castrated me. I sure didn't want to be castrated so young and not be able to faher children but no choice. I will not be able to jack off aymore or father children. The positive is that I will not have to worry about enlarged prostate or other prostate problems as I get older. My fiancee and I were to be married soon but we broke up. Sad but she wants biological children. I go to a support group twice a month for young castrated men and that really has helped me.<br />
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Woah woah woah......Ever hear of testosterone replacement? If you desire to be a eunuch fine, your decision. But you don't HAVE to live this way.<br />
I lost my testicles in an accident. I didn't get prosthetics, and doubt I ever will. But I take testosterone shots and quite frankly work as well or maybe a little better than I ever did. HRT isn't perfect, but it's better than living a sexless existence.

I am sorry to here you are a Eunuch when you had no say in becoming one . I also hope your wife and you still have fun together and as long as you are happy with the way both you and your wife do things now then is all Cool . best of luck