My Castration Desires

For all I know, I may not actually want to be castrated, but I think I do. Some sources say that castrated men can still have *******; others say they can't. If they can't, I don't want it, but if they can, it's something I'd definitely do for the right woman. I'm very much a submissive sissy, and this would seem to fit right in with that. Having a Domme lover who'd introduce me as her eunuch, and show me off, all to the right people, of course, would be wonderfully humiliating.
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9 Responses Sep 28, 2010

do what my wife did lock me in chastity cant feel it see touch it an no hardon

rickard---when you jacked off after caastration was it a milky white ***** or clear liquid from the prostate. Just curious. I am castrated and occasionally I jack off with clear liquid which Doc says is from the prostate. My ****** is limp and I need a vibrator or good hand to really stimulate it to get a "hard". I do not take testotosterone. Do you? Getting along well.

i have been surgically (backroom) castrated for many years now. at first, by surprise, i awoke one night to the pain of the knife, and adjusted with difficulty; my wife had her boyfriend over for some excitement. after a few days, i could jack off for about a week whille erect, then i went permanently limp, but could still jack off with much more patience and far less ******, which looked far different, just like the old pre-*** of prior years, with absolutely no desire. i migrated into showing it off, and sometimes licking a ****, but not often. after i reached equilibrium, in about a year, with no desire, i just closed down the factory, and now keep it secret. why am i here now telling you this? so you might know that i have less taste buddies and diminished sense of smell. while going to sleep, i like to hold it, fondle it feels good but nothing else, and sometimes i even try to stimulate it with a strong vibrator (the sense of touch down there is incredibly small) like a power orbital sander. i havent had sexual fun in over 3 years, with not much desire to stimulate my micropenis.

Yes, if you keep your balls and have your sack removed what protection would your balls have. They could get ruptured or other injuries very easily. I have an empty sack and will keep it.

My brother has a fantasy on this order: to remove the sack and use a silk bag to hold the balls when not left dangling- he wants to do this to me very much; wants to add rings through the balls, too

awhile sincwe I have been on the website. Do not let your brpother do this to you. Rings through the balls could cause infection and gangerine. Let us know what youd ecide to do.

I have had a huge castration fetish for years. Kate and John (her ex-husband and lover) both know about it and agree in principle but we can’t see it happening. If get into a position for me to be castrated then I think it would happen.

I want to keep mine But would love to loose the sack and be smooth, I hate the sag.

If you would lose your sack where would your balls be hanging.? Just curious.

well is been some time since we posted the comments . I would like to know how you are and have you made up your mind on what you want to do ?

i'd need to think a lot more about it, and learn a lot more before i'd SERIOUSLY consider it. thanks. :)

I had a date set up with my specialist in Juneau to castrate me. then I cancelled it after I read your post. I, too, need to do a lot more thinking about it. I know sex comes my my balls and one I am castrated sex drive is diminished. i do not want testosterone. Thanks for sharing and let me know if you go through with castratiobn. I will you posted on my decision, also.

I think the hole point of being a Eunuch is that you have no wish to have sex .So why would you even think that being a Eunuch would make your sex life better when it would kill it off . you can say what you want, your sex drive comes from your balls and once that are gone so is your sex drive .unless you get terestron injetions and what is the point in this cutting of the ball to stop the T and then getting a injetion of T. I am not agenst you doing this I do under stand I want to be a Eunuch. but you have know all the risks and what your body will go through . think a lot more about this before going on with this