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I always fantasize of watching a lady/man castrate a virile boy with stiff hard **** and juicy balls...I fantasize the **** being held captive, tied at it's base and the juicy balls too tied and the lady cutting the sac with a scalpel and pulling out the nice big balls one after other....I get all wet imagining the balls out of the sac and hanging from the tubes....and then the tubes being snipped by a sharp knife.........My hubby too gets ll excited reading stories about castration....his **** gets all stiff and hard and starts oozing out lot of pre *** and I have to jerk it or allow it to enter my ***** and milk it.....I love to milk it dry and extract every drop out of it.......
 We love to watch the video clips found on the web, where the nutscak of a boy is mercilessly cut open by two girls and his nuts pulled out and pierced with long sharp needles and again the nuts stuffed in and the nutsack sewed shut. It makes me all wet and hubby 's **** all hard and stiff........

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I think women like you deserve a purse, made out of the sac of their slaves

why not be like me wife has me lock in chastity cant touch it jerk it off nothing

why has she locked your **** in chastity? Why does she not want u to touch your own ****? Then how do u satisfy it when it gets erect?

she does not like my **** small she said she does not want me ******* off or showing off to ohter women i satisfy her with licking finger an toys

Oh...pity your poor ****...what happens to the juice your nuts produce?

whe will milk me about every 3 months an gets my *** out that way no need to unlock me

i dont see much differenct my **** lock so i dont have **** yo uwant to castrate an cut off **** same things more or less if you castrate thim how do you get pleased

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i want to see this video post it on my page or message me for email


come on feel free to interact...

My castration is scheduled in a few weeks. Then I will be a woman!! but no vagina, and no periods. I'll finally be able to grow my breasts, an e cup is my goal. I'll be wearing women's clothes with low cut tops to show off my cleavage once my breasts grow. I'll grow my hair and wear hoop earrings in my pierced ears. I'll have to wear make up every day, probably get permanent eye liner tattooed on my eye lids. I'm excited, can't wait! Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

Where will it be done?

Show me the video

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Fascinating fantasy....I've thought about it. But sooooo final. Any other fantasies involving my male parts would never be realized.......not sure I could do it.

Many love this done to their **** balls...

My ex decided chemical castration shrinking the testes to virtually nothing was her favored approach

But with chemical castration what fun did she have? Your balls must have slowly and gradually shrunk? and what about your naughty little ******?

She had the pleasure of knowing I would not ever again be able to use it to please a female. The ****** also does not get hard any more. She had the fun of knowing if i was to have sex, it would be with someone more manly

Oh...pity your ******.....unable to get up....

it does not mind, i was not supposed to be manly

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I would let you castrate me if you wanted. Your hubby could film it and we would all get a copy.

oh...very watching that...

I better not let you near my balls then, although it makes me hard fantasizing about castration and my lady says I have the biggest, lowhanging balls she's ever seen...

Oh...that is so nice....I do love big juicy balls...

I like them too, although sometimes it's annoying if they fall out of my

take good care of them...

My lady is happy to lick and fondle them, so they're being well looked after.

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My balls are now so small they mostly stay retracted up inside too, so thay now i look like i have been surgically castrated. Even if they aren't retracted inside, they aren't big enough to hang down. I actually have gotten to like how I look now, and my wife loves it. I don't want to hijack your story, just wanted to say that I think your fantasy is relatively common, but still very powerful. I know it has given my wife a great deal of pleasure over the couple of years it took me to become a eunuch. I did post my story in the castration section.

thanks I will read that....your nuts were small right from childhood? Did they not grow big? Do they produce cream? Does your **** get stiff and able to satisfy your wife?

I think my balls were regular size most of my life previous to now. They have definitely shrunk quite a bit form what they used to be. They did produce ***** as evidenced by my two grown children. Yes I am still currently able to get an erection, but I no longer produce any *********. The doctor said my testicles are no longer functioning; they no longer produce testosterone and he said I am hypogonadal. I do have occasional sex with my wife, but she more frequently sees one of her lovers. Oh well.

Good that you are allowing your wife to get her sexual needs fulfilled from her friends....For healthy life...that is needed....I am sure she will also take care of your **** and nuts....

LOL, thanks, but there are for all intents and purposes, no balls to take care of. And honestly, I don't mind if she doesn't 'take care' of my **** since sex doesn't interest me that much anymore. One of the side effects of castration, I'm afraid. But no matter, one of the other side effects is I don't miss it at all either!

Does it mean...she has removed your nuts already?

Technically, what is left of them is still there; it's just that they don't work at all anymore. Also, as I said in my first comment, they have shrunk to the point that most of time I look like I was surgically castrated. That's basically what I meant by "for all intents and purposes, (there are) no balls to take care of."

How is that? I have not seen any such totally shrunk nuts....The nuts do shrink...It has happened with my hubby too...His left nut has reduced in size but his right nut has grown...or at least twice the size of his left nut....never totally disappeared....

I've been chemically castrated. To do that, my wife insisted I start weekly progynova (estradiol valerate) injections to curb my severely overactive libido, which I've been doing for the last year (well, 11 months so far.) Estradiol is a powerful antiandrogen all by itself, and basically shuts off a man's testicles. With nothing to do, mine have atrophied to the point that they are hard to feel, even when she tries. Since she's been giving me injections for almost a year, the changes are almost certainly permanent. My T levels in the last round of blood work are low, even for a woman my age. So, I am/have been castrated.

Oh...interesting....Are the injections given in the nuts or ****? Have you developed boobs like girls?

They are intramuscular injections so it's given in the thigh or buttocks. Yes I am also developing boobs like a girl. In fact it is feminizing me all over. I hardly have any chest hair now, arm and leg hair has noticeably lightened and thinned out, I have softer skin, and fat deposits around my body are slowly shifting to a more female distribution around my thighs and buttocks. nice....interesting...what urges do you have? Is it like girls or boys? What about your ****? Does it get restless like boys?

I'm not sure what you mean by 'urges.' I no longer have anything like my old libido. Basically I've lost all interest in ************ (used to jerk off once or twice a day, lol) and in internet ****, well, **** of any kind. I tear up/get emotional at the least thing, movies, a sad story, someone we know having a tough time, which is something I never used to do.

My **** no longer gets 'restless' like boys and hangs pretty small these days since I no longer have any spontaneous erections. With the right stimulation I can get a pretty average sized erection still, but I've noticed that it's taking a bit more conscious effort to keep an erection once I have one. Sometimes she kids me that my **** is almost as small as her clitoris.

******* have totally changed too. I no longer ********* and it takes much, much longer to have an ****** by stimulating my ****. When I do have an ****** that way, they are pretty weak, don't last more than 5 seconds or so and frankly, don't really seem worth it. I'd much rather she sucked on and stimulated my nipples and breasts; now that REALLY feels good. It makes my whole body kind of hum with pleasure which can last for minutes easily. I much prefer that now. Is that more what you meant by 'girl urges'?

Oh...yes...thanks for detailed reply....your transformation looks so interesting...a man to a woman with your wife co-operating at every step...I appreciate her accepting this transformation and helping you in that...yes now she needs to help you in getting your boobs well developed and may be make them sensitive like women's ****...May be she would suck your nipples and play with your **** and fondle them very often to make them grow bigger...I heard a girl's **** grow faster when they are fondled very often and I saw this happening with my close school friend and even I used to touch them as she loved that being done to her by boys and girls....I too love my boobs getting fondled by men as well as feels so nice...thanks for your detailed reply and wish your **** grow big and sensitive with nice nipples...I can appreciate--your **** no more gives you the sensation that it used to give when it could get stiff and hard as it happens to other studs..I donot know what happens to it in the time to come and how it would spurt after it goes on getting smaller and smaller.....and may be unable to get hard at all...

The funny thing is (for me at least) I'm kind of curious at this point to see how small it will get, especially since I don't really use it to much anymore.

I pity your **** well as nuts....I always like big hard stiff **** and juicy nuts to play with and torture....

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OK, this is a fantasy that is quite frequent - after all since women have no penis they get quite excited imagining men turned into creatures without balls. In cultures where making eunuchs was quite common ladies were quite eager to watch slaves being cut and the balls removed, although the operation was always done by specialized men. They probably got very wet knowing that what they saw turned males into females once and for all, since the only option for them from then on was passive anal sex...just like females, but with no reproductive ability, so even less than females! However, how come you have castration videos? This doesn,t sound realistic...unless they,re very illegal, and this is essentially a flaming post. Castration fantasies are not something anyone can legislate against, actual castration of human beings is a totally illegal act.

I donot have any videos...the videos are available on the web...I just love to fantasize watching one being done...

I'm sure you would enjoy watching a full-balled male being made into a eunuch live under your eyes...the first ball snipped slowly so you can watch...the anguish in his eyes as the second ball is tied and...snip! The scream of distress as he realizes the deed is done as he sees the two glands in a small bowl...and your smile as you look at his empty scrotum...

why dont u write a story...?

OK, I will

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I`m willing !!

does your **** and balls love castration?

Oh yea !!

thanks for ur comments...

bentnlocked, I m castarted against my will but had no choice. Doing fine now. I understand twisting and bending the ****** but how does your best friend lock it so you can not get a ***** and jack off. i am intested in knowing. Let us know how castration went when she does it. If you can't get a ***** and jack off the sooner you are castrated the happier you will be.

who and why did some one castrate you against your will? Is it possible? I do twist and bend hubby's ****** many times a day but nothing happens to it...the naughty **** enjoys it...

has your hubby been castrated yet?

not yest....he loves reading about it and watching pictures and videos...I too love that...

Wonderful story - absolutely wonderful ! My best friend is going to castrate me in the near future. She wants me as a Eunuch friend, not a male friend . As it is, she keeps me platonic at all times by keeping me in strict chastity. I can't wait until she castraes me :)

does ur **** not give u trouble by getting up frequently?

She prevents me from getting boners - she has it twisted , bent, and locked An erection is impossible. Since I can't have those, my balls aren't needed anymore anyway

Has your hubby been castrated or is it going to be done?

no he has not been castrated....he loves CBT...

Phew... that's one hell of a fantasy but it gets me hard as hell just reading about it. Can picture the look on your face as you get ready to slice them off!

yes it is awesome....

I'd like to be hung by my genitals before everything is cut away, it must be a thrill to scream a lady to an ******

How about your hubby ***** my *** while you castrate me? :)


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you are welcome....

you are welcome....thanks...

so many volunteers appear to be willing to allow popping their nuts....?

Popping nuts could be great fun.....

If a man gets both nuts popped does he become sterile or castrated or what (if anything) happens afterward?

there one thing ball are good for after you cut them out is fry in red wine I bet your hubby love to see you eating them

yes I do fantasize about that...

yes , this does excite me as well -- though if castrated i would not get excited - hmmm -- but yes it is very erotic -- which is why i so enjoy cbt

yes the CBT is great fun...

reading his get me hard wood like to be the virile boy in your story

Oh is it getting hard and stiff?