Be Careful What You Wish For

For a long time I had that fantasy that some men here do, I too wanted to be de-balled. I even told my wife about it but she thought it was stupid and reminded me that we couldn't have children without the family jewels.
16 years and 2 kids later, we were divorced because of my infidelity. Soon after the divorce she saw me at a resturant with my new girlfriend and the next day I got an e-mail asking me if I still dreamed of having my balls cut off. I asked her "Why? and she replied that she knew someone who would love to make my dream come true. I asked who and she said, "It was a surprise."
IT shocked me that this opportunity for a years long fantasy was coming out of nowhere. Alarm bells were ringing like crazy in my head but the power of the fantasy was taking control of my common sense.
Looking back, I was like that proverbial fly attracted to the honey and caught in the web. My web was over the arm of a sofa bed that had lots of places to tie the straps and cuffs she'd gotten for me. When told to lay over the sofa arm it was because, as she said, " When your being neutered I want you to feel like the dog you are." Then after tying me down she put a sock in my mouth and duct taped over it so if I changed my mind I couldn't argue my way out of it.
Then she called on her cell phone and said that I was ready and she took a picture with her cell to prove it and then she said the name and that's when I learned it was my sister in law.
Somehow in my years of fantasy it never involved someone I knew, someone I would see again and again and someone I knew didn't like me and now hated me because of the hurt I did to her sister.
The first thing she said when she came into the room was, "You know that he's not leaving here with his balls right?" Then my wife, being squeamish, said, "I think I"m going to leave you two alone for awhile. On her way out she slapped me on the butt and said, "no more girl friends for you." and then set an empty peanut butter jar on the table beside me and said, "this is what you dreamed of isn't it?"
I tried hard to get away. I tried hard to rub the tape off my mouth but my wife had made sure that wouldn't happen.
I was verbally assaulted by my sister in law for a long time, telling me how stupid I was,bringing up every argument and fight that we ever had or that I comitted against our family.
Anyone here that imagines this would be fun is very very wrong. I heard Jen say, "Now lets see how well these scissors work" and then I felt the unimaginable pain and shame of being castrated and we both knew I would never be the same.
I was cauterized with a solderiing iron, sprayed with antiseptic, superglued and sprayed again. The duct tape was pulled off and I was told that when my wife comes in I was to tell her, Thank You for having me neutered and that I promise that will be a good husband for now on.
When my wife was called in I looked over my shoulder and saw her standing in the doorway. I saw her look between my legs and then at the jar and I saw that smug smile she gets when she knows she's right. Then I told her what Jen told me to say, that I was goiing to be a good husband for now on and then I thanked my wife for having her sister neuter me to help me do better job for now on. We didn't get remarried but I do see everyone when I go see my kids or at family get togethers. A lot of the shame now is hearing about who knows about what happened.
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2 Responses Jan 25, 2012

This a stupid story. Yes, you may be castrated, but if you were done like this you'd be in the hospital for a very long, long time. Totally crazy post.

Very true !!

How old were you when you were cut and how are you doing now? Do you get good erections?