I Was Surgically Castrated Last Yeat

After suffering pain in my testicles for some time it was found there were vascular problems with blood supply. One of the options was bilateral orchiectomy. After being counselled on after effectsphysically and mentally I opted for castration. The procedure was done under local anaesthetic so I was awake during the two hour. I was injected in the groin and then the scrotum. After being stitched up and sent home I was sore for a few days. As the weeks went by I was offered testosterone replacement but declined as there are side effects. My weight started to gain and as I was warned started to get fatty hips and flabby breasts. One of the most significant changes was the loss of sexual appetite and feeling inferior in the presence of women. Also my body strength has disappeared and find it impossible to do heavy lifting.
The circle of female friends I have are fascinated with my eunuch status and many a time I have exposed my genitals for them to have a good look. One photographer friend has started taking photos of me and we are building up a good portfolio. I have been photographed naked on all fours with a leash round my neck. One bending over showing my backside and no balls dangling down aswell. After the photo session the photographer chatted with me and explained how much she enjoyed the session and how easiy it was for her to manipulate my body into the different poses. I guess the castration has made me submissive around women and has become evident that being castrated totally take you masuclinity and power away. So for me I reckon I will eventually enter into a partnership with a female where I would serve and basically do as I am told for the rest of my life. It's funny how your life can change as I would never of thought ten years ago that I would be a neutered diminished Male.
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i wish to be like you too eunuch forever with femme body

I have had radiation therapy for a prostate cancer. My prostate was too big for that (old man's enlarged prostate) so it had to be shrunk. That was done by chemically castrating me for the 6 months it took to shrink it to half size (it was still 1.5 times normal size) and also for the 2 months of radiation therapy - for tumor control and in order to increase the radiation effect. So 8 months in total. The side effects of my castration were identical with those of the story above. Luckily my state was just temporary. After 8 months I started to return to normal but it took around one year to return to a fully normal condition. I do recommend the story teller to accept testosteron treatment - unless of course he does like to be in this condition. The reason many male slaves used to be castrated was the obvious fact that such slaves lost sexual urge and maybe even more important became more docile and obedient. The story above shows that too.

Shadowfax69 What is a good age for a man to be castrated? I need to be castrated and am 30 years old. Two neighbor men told me I am too young and need to wait till age 39 or 40. Any suggestions? I am too aggressive and unable to control my sexual urges. Thank you.

The only problem with being 30 and renouncing reproductive powers is - as for vasectomy, which is a soft form of castration - the fact that 10 or 20 years later you may regret not having impregnated a female to have children. This is the only sense in which you're too young: otherwise, you can choose to do what you want with your testicles...they're yours. These days, luckily, you can have your ***** frozen for later use just like someone who suffers from cancer but still wants to be able to have a future female partner impregnated in vitro...like CĂ©line Dion and her husband. So no, apart from that, you're not too young. I would have ***** frozen: you don't know what you may or may not want - or what a partner may want, and eunuchs fall in love too - ten years from now. Then, apart from the need to be more careful about bones (they'll be more fragile with less testoterone) and the fact you won't get bald, you'll be a nicer person, with a slightly higher-pitched voice, and sexually you'll have to move to giving oral and receiving anal...a fairly decent sex life compared to most!

Estrogen helps protect bone health for men as well. There are a great number of studies on the effects of estrogen and bone health in men who took estrogen as treatment for prostate cancer. If you were castrated, you would get feminizing effects from the estrogen as well, which you may or may not want. Just something to consider.

For centuries men have been neutered, like animals, for lots of reasons but usually to make them more docile (as domestic help), sexless (for harem use), and unable to reproduce (where only one male was supposed to breed females for inheritance etc...). So the world has been full of eunuchs. You're not diminished, just neutered...and different. You're limited now to sex with your hands, giving oral sex to full males or females, and receiving anal sex. Yes, you're probably a little less agressive, a little less pushy...and both men and women are quite excited by your crotch being balless. You're as normal as steer and most farm and domestic animals. Is a cat less of a cat because he's a little quieter after neutering?

Very good explanation for all of us o read and think through. Thanks shadowfax.

I think neutering human beings should not be viewed as a crime as long as it's done on a voluntary basis. Some people would live more productive lives as eunuchs. Most men over 60 would fel better neutered. Passive gays would enjoy sex as much if not more after neutering. There are too many human beings on the planet, so curtailing reproductive sex would not be a crime, but seen as beneficial to humanity. You could even consider having neutering stations in some hospitals, so you could be clipped by highly competent teams of surgeons, no questions asked but for the basic approval forms required, and a highly qualified operation being performed. Hundreds of thousands of animals are castrated every day, so why should human balls be so sacred?

Clipping the lower end of the scrotum, taking the glands out, making sure the cords are clamped, letting the balls turn black and cutting the cords...then suturing the remaining sack, nothing more simple! The only problems may be disinfection and tying of the remaining cords and vessels in the right place, and - in humans - ensuring some basic psychological follow-up not necessary with other mammals.

i fix my balls and clitty deeply backward beetwen legs and balls are smaller turn to black color ,, i feel so great so softly, iam 54 and in future iwanna removed it too,i wish to have side effecct ,bigger breast , weight up to waist haave the *** bigger like older womans and shrinkable breast with milk glandule ,,,

I wish was not so hard to get castrated. I AM 63 AND MY STUFF DOES NOT WORK. Useless dangling bits of flesh. Anyone in Tucson,Az area interested cutting my stuff of SAY SOO PLEASE. I as serious as a heart attack.

You know, if you tie the balls with a strong elastic and let them die, that\'s it! That\'s how they do horses and bulls with the \"elastrator\".

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Hi i live in ireland i have being looking for to be castrated for sometime no luck .is <br />
their anyone experience with a burdizzo in ireland or UK .

I have used the burdozzo many times and it is works well. Are you seriously intersted in having some of us men use it on you. Remember there is no turning back
once your nuts are dead.

Come an do it in Tucson,Az I am ready

Wish I could find someone in Australia to do me

I mam ready.When ncan you do it?

Hi i want to be clamped for sure

Why do you want to be clamped rather than having a knfe or sarp double edge razor blade sused on you? It would be very effective and your balls would be gone now.

you can clamp me any time you want need them gone


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I have had a castration fetish for most of my adult life, my wife knows this and she has often joked about having me castrated. Deep down i feel it will happen in time.

Go for it and do not delay. You will feel much better physically, emotionally and mentally after you heal. I am happy to have it done.

The best is to clamp to kill the balls and make them dead, then do a thorough and fine removal of glands, cords, and scrotum.

I would do it if I had your wife\'s and your authorization. once clamped you\'re castrated, there will be no way to revive the balls. But it\'s better to let them die and dry up a little before cutting the sack.

Are you able to get fairly good erections. I can get them when I work at it and have to really massage my ****** but it gets hard. I do not take testtoterone replacement either. I have gained some weight. How long since your operation? Post some pictures that were taken.

a year last feb, trying to sort photos

Wait, you can get erect? I assume no climax or ***********?