Seriously, This Is A Non-fetish Issue For Me And I Need Help.

Can anyone tell me how to get cyprostat (androcur) or any other effective anti-androgen without a prescription?
I have been calling Urologists all day about chemical castration and I constantly get one of two answers "We don't do that," or "We can do permanent castration, orchiectomy, for $1,200 (the fee varies by physician). I'm not ready for a permanent castration until I'm positive that the chemical temporary castration will do what I believe it would. Does anyone know where I can get these pharmaceuticals, bypassing the prescription? International pharmacies? Anything?
mikec504 mikec504
36-40, M
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I would do permanent castration if I were you. urologist recommended surgical castration for me when I got two college girls pregnant within 4 months time and I am going to have it done next week. I cannot afford anymore child support. I cannot control my sexual urges. Let us know what you decide.


Mike 504,
My computer is up and running again so I am asking you if you ever purchased
androcur and any other chemical castration drugs. The internet is full of information on where to buy them. I am oversexed and had major problems so was chemically castrated for 20 moinths. The drugs did the job till I went off. Am back having problems controlling myself since I am off chemical castration. Am serioiusly considering surigcal castration. Have you consider that or not. I am only 38.

Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect
I am only 36 years old, oversexed and I am the man who got 2 college girls pregnant. I do not have control over my sexual urges and urologist recommended surgical castration. Let us know what you decide.

milec505, we have not heard from you lately. wonder if you finally got your chemical castration drugs and if chemical castration is helping you.

I have using generic Androcur and it does the job so far. Let us know if you have tried any chemical castratioin drugs. DonnyMac's website he sahred is a good one to get your Depo-Vera or generic Androcur.

You can get generic Androcur from as well as Depo-Provera. Quite a few people from use them. Reliable and fast.

Generic aandocur is what I was on for 20 months. Price was good and drug very effective.