From Man To Woman

had been married 6 years i now my wife was slitly by we were drinking at home when she said she wanted to see wat i look like as a woman i agreed and she dressed me in stockings and bra skirt and top and then put mackup on and curl my long hair she told me i looked sexy and told me to make luv to her but as two girls it turned us both on so much that the next day she told me she wonted me to dress as a woman all the time and she was going to make me a woman about a week later she had lots of pills for me hrt the contraseptive pill plus 2 overs so im also being shown how to walk and put makeup on i can cook clean and sow now about 6 weeks after starting pills i have small breasts growing one night in bed she asked me to make luv to her but no mater wat we tryed it woudent work she then told me over pills was to stop male hormones so female hormones work better and said im her new wife now i told her i luv her even more now im her wife that was 4 years ago im now more of a woman she has been going out with her girl frends latly and has told me she wants me to go with them and she wants me to help pick men for her to bed so the over night her 2 frends came round lots of drink and girl talk after she said they now all about me and im ok to go out with them which iv been doing for 10 weeks she has 3 men in bed with us which i liked she said i need to have a man as well iv been chatted up when we go out and do like to but she said i need to be fixed down below first she has now booked 2 week holiday to tyland which she said i will be going as a woman which i like but she said theres some suprisses when im there and ill be coming back more of a woman cant find out wat shes got planed and her frends just say il like wats going to happen dont now if i want to go got 6 weeks to make up my mind all 3 says i shuld go and il be better after
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pls explain me now after alomist two years how you feel in woman skin ,what your sweet support wife organize in tyland ,iam sure ypou are eunuch now as i wish to be too

The best way to castrate a man and turn her into a woman is to remove the penis leaving just the urethra you then cut off all of the scrotum leaving just enough to cover the wound and suture the striped urethra to the lower scrotum just forward of the anus. Now the slave gets to sit down to pee and has to learn to wipe as a girl.

Debbie Cook

LOL, I doubt you will return from that vacation with your balls :) HOT to imagine you as a castrated sissy husband who doesn't get to **** his sexy wife anymore. You will look more feminine with your soft penis that cannot get hard anymore tucked away between your legs and hidden by a pair of girl's panties.<br />
I hope your wife has a full castration planned where they not only snip the plumbing, but also remove the testicles and sac and just leave you smooth below your limp ****...THAT'S sexy!