Reason To Be Castrated

The following is a copy & paste ( I read this and had to share it with you all. )

( -- Talk about a longevity strategy no man wants to pursue. A recent study published in the journal Current Biology finds that Korean eunuchs — castrated men — lived 14 to 19 years longer than other men, suggesting that male sex hormones play a role in life span.
In the study, the researchers used a genealogy record called the Yang-Se-Gye-Bo that tracked eunuchs who worked in the Korean imperial court during the Chosun Dynasty, which ruled from the 14th to early 20th centuries.
Researchers were able to identify 81 eunuchs, who were castrated as boys, and determined that they lived to an average age of 70, significantly longer than other men of similar social status. Even kings didn't typically make it to age 50.
Three of the 81 eunuchs lived to 100, a centenarian rate that's far higher than would be expected in modern society. The current incidence of centenarians is 1 per 3,500 people in Japan, and 1 per 4,400 people in the United States, for instance; thus, the incidence of centenarians among Korean eunuchs was at least 130 times higher than that of present-day developed countries, according to the paper.
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yes i also heard that mobiles cause brain cancer.... but i am not going to believe that nor going to follow that....

nope not for me

could you enjoy castrating men?

Aloha Kristin......Saving/recycling ***** has been known for the Zen communities. The Operative action...NOT TO ********* IT! Its the Life Force..if it was not it could not Jump start the Egg...Correct?? By Not *********** men SAVE..Energy....thereby Providing an easy Alternate answer to castration...aloha

people are ignorant ,,the fact is a man gets just as horney and can still have orgasums with out his nut..he can still *** bucket loads of fluid it just doesn't have live *****,,just the juice. he may loose the testosterone needed to give him the desire but there is other means to produce testosterone..its like getting a vasectomey your just stopping the swimmers not the fluid.

You're confusing vasectomY and castration. A castrated m'en doesn't produce anything and doesn't have hard-ons.

If I'd get to spend the extra years serving you, I'd go for castration. :)

You dont live you exist to serve her these women with theirI get to date black men and you work to pay for it because big **** don't pay,socome cut your balls off cause says she love's you and it's for your own good bullshit

Wow! You got comments all over the board on this one! For me personally, even if you could guarantee castration would assure I live 15 years longer, I say, thanks for the offer to live 15 years longer, but I will keep my balls......

Reason, at least for me, my balls are responsible for the vast majority of pleasure in my life. I love having sex with my wife, and I very much enjoy eating her out real good after I have filled her up with my c*um. I will grant you, that eating another guy's c*um out of a freshly f*ucked p*ussy is great. But for guy's that have done that type of thing, they know their desire to do anything she wishes, to please her, even eat her out good when her p*ussy is loaded with another man's c*um, is very high when they are horny, and that desire can dissappear entirely after they c*um. So I have to question if a castrated guy would even have the desire to lick fresh p*ussy, never mind sloppy well used c*um filled p*ussy. Also, even if I still had the high level of desire I currently have for eating c*um filled p*ussy, what do I do if her p*ussy doesn't get c*um filled, or horror, it does get c*um filled elsewhere but she doesn't bring it home and serve it to me! Then what? At least as long as I keep my balls, I can always rub one out myself and enjoy my own flavor of c*um.

In my case, I think if I was castrated, I would completely lose the will to live, and die much younger............but thats me........I'm just saying.

If you want to remove my sexual pleasure then I want to remove yours... fair is fair./

I need my balls removed soon.

This is not the first study to prove that castration enables males to live longer. In fact, there was in Paris in the 1950s the cult group «the worshippers of the onion», who had noticed that onions grew longer if their seed was cut off, so they had themselves deballed in order to live longer. The problem is that we all live lives where we don't control everything, so factors causin g death may be numerous and affect eunuchs and intact males alike. However, this being said, it is obvious that castration, removing the need for roaming and hard ******* that controls so many males' lives, will make life more peaceful, less stressful, and on the whole contribute to make it longer. But again: is there a difference if castration is done before puberty, or after puberty but before the beginning of a sex life, or after the sex life is started? All these have to be taken into account. With 7 billion people on the planed, and a lot of men and women being without partners and having no hope of finding any (depending on where they live), I suspect that castration will start practiced again to avoid the danger of riotous celibate males wreaking havoc in some parts of the world, and that lesbianism in other areas will become prevalent.

Castrating mâles in their sixties to prolong their life is far from à bad idea.

What this article says is if you love your husband you will tie him up and cut off his balls. If you do this allow two weeks for him to cool off before untying him.

Debbie Cook

Why don't we just do a Lorena Bobbitt and remove everything to please this person?

Of course it is. But again, do you really expect more from a rag like Time?An article that suggests mutilating male reproductive organs is a "good" thing, is PC
Now suppose it was a "study" that concluded that FGM was a positive medical procedure? Do you think they'd gleefully publish that?
No chance in hell.

This is total BS

The OP conviently did not post the entire article. None the less, yes it is BS.
feminist and their allies on the left have been trying to get men to give up the testicles for generations. Sometimes figuratively , or in this case in the literal sense

A very poorly researched article at best, but at the very least, about on par with Time magazine.

I'd rather live 20 years less WITH my balls thankyou !!

I agree with littlegstringman. I am willing to live 20 years less if I can keep my balls. They are my pride and joy and I play with them daily and jerk off 3-4 times daily. I'd be lost without my balls.

I have doine a lot of ******* off and have en joyed it but have problems controlling my urges around women. I get hard and need sex now. Any suggestions? Am 24.

Find a woman !! or a pair of panties and use them !

Thanks for that info Kirstin. I have my cucks testosterone level checked twice a year. Now after 12 years of extreme cucking his level is almost zero. Actually lower than most females. Now I wonder if it will effect his longevity? It sure has effected his **** size. xx ANN

For longevity you need to have his balls removed. This isn't as painful as it sounds. It is done to livestock and pets all the time. I have also noticed that Mistress that have had their slaves castrated have more devoted and loving slaves ... and isn't that what all women want from their husbands, boy friends, and slaves.

Debbie Cook

I'd love to have a wife who enjoyed humiliating me, using me, all that, but especially, one who'd have me castrated for my own good, to ensure my longevity, and who'd keep my balls in a glass vial out where everyone could see them, who'd explain what they were, why she'd had me made into a eunuch, and, just in case anyone still doubted the story, would have me drop my pants and prove the balls in the jar were mine.

I was recently castrated for my wife and her BBC, so we'll see if this is true :)

coming to Obamacare soon, Get in line boys.

I cannot wait to have 0bamacare cover the procedure.

now castration + submissive anal sex should result in decades more life

I really wouldn't call that living.

why is it the eunuchs live longer..? Is it when their balls are snipped...the nuts are unable to produce the cream which the boys and men drain out through their peckers?

Yes, you are correct and less tetstosterone..

Thanks, but I think I'm going to keep mine. Sounds like the torture of not having testicles was prolonged by an additional 14-19 years.

I think I prefer to die 14-17 years earlier LOL

Umm intesting but then we would not be a lot of use to you. ...I will keep mine even if i dont live past 70 thanks hehehe