Final Acts Fascinate Us...

Eroticism may have to do what what fascinates us. Castration was used in early psychoanalysis, with the famous «castration complex», which is usually associated with the little boy discovering someday that his sisters, mother, cousins, or female neighbours, suddenly seen naked in a bath, while taking a shower or while playing doctor, have «nothing there» and may therefore have been deprived of their peepees. At that age, testicles would not play much of a part - prepubescent boys' little nuts are of very little interest to either boys or girls. But the castration complex has deeper roots. For millenia empires, kingdoms, tribes in warfarem, invaders, slave merchants, all traded human beings and, if male, made sure their precious balls were surgically removed to make them more docile, just like farm animals, and make sure they wouldn't have any desire to mate and -worse - impregnate the women of the tribe, the empire, or the harem in its various forms. So the fear of castration is a very real one, seared in our collective unconscious since thousands of years. Yes, I have testicles between my legs, but...they might be gone any day soon, and not only because, like in Lance Armstrong mythology, I have had testicular cancer. We fear castration because for millenia males were castrated. And we know that castration is final: once the balls are gone, that's it! Even today, unless you gave your ***** to a frozen ***** bank, if you lose your testicles to cancer or to an accident, too bad! No erections (although some massive doses of hormones may correct this nowadays), no impregnation of females. Ever. Many other things may be final: circumcision (once gone, the foreskin is not growing back - but this may actually be more of a blessing!), deflowering of the vagina (once broken, the hymen is in pieces, although some restitching is possible in extreme cases), losing a member (leaving a «phantom member» imprint in the mind) - and of course, beheading is final, but the owner of the head doesn't see it...whereas he sees his limb or balls missing.
Final acts fascinates us. And castration fascinates us particularly, because men like their balls and women love to play with them, and they know while doing so that it is so fragile, and has been the subject of massive cutting for so long, and not only to produce opera singers for the popes in the 17th century.
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I agree, it would be best of all worlds if men could regrow their testicles so a castration would not be forever final just for a while no? All the intensity of the act without the finality!

you nailed it! nice story! That issue of finality may be why so many castration tales have it occuring just as the slave has his LAST ***********!

Yes, indeed, what fascinates is the last *********** and obviously the last ****** before the balls are cut...since erection by natural means will be impossible after that. Of course with videotaping we now can enjoy watching the balls before and the lack of scrotum after as much as we want, and replay it for erotic purposes, so final acts can actually, in a virtual way (since the balls are actually gone) be recapped.