My Stories.

I like giving people a show so I sometimes go out commando in skirts/dresses that easily go up. I’ll share with you two of the best moments.

I was wearing a purple, flowy, very-short (by that I mean just below the ***) dress and was getting off the subway. Normally there’s a small gust of wind that I expected to pick up the dress a bit just as the subway speeds off, but I guess I misjudged the strength that day. I stepped off, and lingered for a bit to catch a more intense breeze but instead there was a huge gust that sent my dress up to under my breasts exposing my stomach and naked ***** and ***. I “struggled” to pull my dress back down, and had to squeeze my legs together to keep the juices from flowing from my drenched *****. I had to walk from the station back to my house incredibly aroused and dripping.

It was in the evening, and I was wearing a black high-waisted wrap around skirt that came a few inches below my ***, and commando of course. I was standing in line for a club, and I could feel the wind lifting my skirt the tiniest bit. This was making me very aroused, and I clenched my legs together before spreading them the slightest bit. I looked around and noticed there were some hot guys behind me, so I pretended to drop my wallet. As I bent down to pick it up, another gentle gust of wind came and flipped my skirt up my back. Because I was bent over with my legs parted, they could see the outer lips of my slick *****. I could hear them catcalling and I feigned indignation and embarrassment as I stood up and pulled it down.
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oh, bestill my heart! Great stuff. Please share more of your stories you sexy thing!