The First Time It Happened To Me

I was on a business trip and I got tired of being in the hotel room so I dressed nicely and went to walk around the area. Then it happened. A gust of wind cought my skirt and lifted it some. I also remember catching it just in time so my panties and nylon tops didn't show, however that didn't stop the smiles of some men standing around.

I remember thinking that this could get quite addictive and I hope it happens again. It was one of absolute amazement and I thought to myself why hadn't I wear a skirt long before this? It really made me want to never wear pants on a hot summer day ever again.

I love the feel of my hem moving around in a breeze. There is nothing like it. It is such a great feeling.
Josie06 Josie06
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5 Responses Aug 5, 2010

Same thing happened to me when with my husband on business trip. he left me alone at the hotel and wearing a pretty dress with no underwear went out for a walk b y the poool. A gust of wind lifted my dress and several men poolside caught a glimps of my b ear behind and frontat of pubic hair. One guy commented as to say your blond head does not meet your sweet looking ****, but perhaps I could fill it up with something you might like. I gave him a dirty look but his eyes followed me all the way back tothe room;

Lucky YOU wish I could experience that

be safe be happy and be healthy

i would love to see your dress fly over your waist. Sometime have a picture taken to post for us to see how beautiful your legs and butt are.

Nice to feel the breeze between the legs.

You have the body for it honey........YUM!