Stupid Snake

It was an eastern diamonback rattlesnake.  I didn't like him very much, but my stepfather wouldn't get rid of him once we got em.  He stayed in a huge tank in our house and used to strike the side of the tank everytime you entered the room, with venom running down the glass.  He was a mean b*stard.  I fealt bad for the mice he massacred.  I was glad the day they let him go.  Glad he was gone.  There is no place in my home for a snake that lets you know how much it hates you ever moment of its life, with its unrelenting rattle and striking.  Never again.  I have a turtle now and he loves me :-)

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3 Responses Sep 7, 2008

I always wanted a dimondback but my mom says i can only have the native snakes i find outside. my hole room is for my snakes i have almost every native snake of my parts of the woods up here in evans mills NY i got one timber rattler and one eastern pygmy witch i have licences for and than a bunch more spiecies in my room. can only have of of each mom says but sumtimes i sneak in a extra one till she finds it.

fatal attraction.

Yeah, I understand not wanting to have a pet like that as well. I do not want a pet unless he likes me too.

LOL yeah turtles are badass. I understand where how you wouldn't like having such a hateful animal in your house. I like having a animal wag its tail in love not shake and attempt to bit me :)